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Printed POP Displays and Promotional Marketing Materials

Pole Topper Signs, Folded Case Signs, POP Displays, Promotional Handouts, Counter Change Mats, and Table Tents

Point-of-Purchase (POP) displays are custom printed graphic signage for retail stores that include items like pole toppers,table tents, and counter change mats. These are small- to medium-sized marketing displays that get a consumer to notice your product within a retail store.

But POP displays can also encompass large projects like the 3-dimensional displays we make for Baskin Robbins® and vinyl spiral-bound booklets. Whether large or small, their purpose is the same: to create retail interest, reinforce branding, introduce new products, and draw attention to what you're selling.

On the other hand, printed marketing materials are what customers take away, either from a store, convention or exposition. These can also include mailed items or those included with shipments, such as printed sales sheets, product information cards, multi-coupon pads.

Take a look at some of the displays and marketing materials for ideas and to get a little inspiration to incorporate into your next promotional campaign. After all, getting shoppers to your product is the first step in having them take it home.


The short answer is anything you want noticed; promotional products, sale items, seasonal merchandise, or everyday items. They can invite a call-to-action such as a limited time offer, promote a new item, remind a consumer about your product, or just reiterate your branding. Retail graphic signage, also called Point-of-Purchase displays, are some of the best ways to stimulate impulse buys.


Pole toppers are pretty much what they sound like; they're custom printed signs that mount to the tops of poles sticking out of merchandise. They're printed single sided. Two of these signs are then mounted on each side of the pole (basically sandwiched together) to produce a sign that can be seen from the front or back of the display. The pole that they're mounted to is surrounded by the product so it looks as if it's stuck into it.

A perfect complement to pole toppers are case cards. They're similar, but don't require a pole; as they stick directly into the product. Using both of these retail signs together turns any stack of cased product into a retail display.

Another kind of case signage we print are these 12" x 20" cards for New York Seltzer®. These are printed on one side only and include a score line for folidng (kind of like a giant folding shelf talker). The folded flap goes in between cases with the sign (message area) dropping down over the front of the product below. We added double-stick tape to the top and bottom of these folded case signs; two rows each. The tape is used to ensure that the sign portion is stuck down on the case.

Sample of a 3 dimensional POP counter display custom printed on clear vinyl for Dermalogica
Folded Case Cards for New York Seltzer on 12 pt Card Stock; Scored for Folding


Change mats are growing in popularity—fast! They're the perfect POP display in liquor stores, c-stores, small grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. Pretty much anywhere there's a counter, a cash register, and a product you want to promote is a good spot. They're very successful for brand reinforcement and last-minute purchases.

The samples below are two of the different shapes we've been making recently. The counter mat for Bacardi® is 18"x13", and the Seagram's® mat is 12" in diameter. Both styles were 4-color process UV offset sub-surface printed on 10 mil scuff-resistant vinyl. This means that the graphics and text are actually printed from the back with the vinyl on top. That protects the graphics from scratches, normal wear and tear, and fading. These custom die cut change mats also have black gripper lamination on the back to keep them in place.

Rectangular with Radius Corners
Rectangular POP Counter Change Mat with Radius Corners printed by Dilco for Bacardi.
Round Counter Change Mat for Point of Purchase printed by Dilco for Seagram's.


Custom printed counter displays like the ones below that we made for Kodak® are used where their products are sold. The 3-dimensional display consists of display consists of 3 vinyl decals: a 17.75" x 7.75" tall vertical decal, 10.25" x 6.375" decal at the bottom right, and a 17" x 10.375" image decal. They were 4-color process printed on 4 mil white vinyl with a 3 mil semi-gloss laminate; and plotter cut for the corner.

Sample of a 3 dimensional POP counter display custom printed on clear vinyl for Dermalogica
Custom Printed 3-dimensional POP Counter Display for Kodak.


There are times when a custom POP display requires several printing methods and/or substrates. For example, this "Sunrooms & Shade Covers" display we made for Home Depot® stores is actually made up of 5 individual signs. They were all 4-color process digitally printed. The 30" x 7" top sign and 30" x 6" bottom sign were printed on 20 mil white vinyl with double-stick adhesive on the back of each sign. The 30" x 10" second sign, 25" x 10" middle sign, and 30" x 19" fourth sign were printed on 3mm Komatex®. When assembled, the display rack is about 6 feet tall.

When I saw this sign in my local Home Depot, I had to take a picture of it to show you. Just off to the left, the doors to the garden department were open and the sun was shining in off the concrete flooring (my dog was off to the right checking out the artificial grass, but that's another story entirely). The display rack was surrounded by patio furniture and barbecues. If I wasn't thinking about shade covers before, I certainly was after I saw the POP display. And we printed it! How's that for getting results?

A completed POP display Dilco custom printed for Home Depot made up of 5 individual signs
POP display for Home Depot Made up of 5 Separate Signs.


Take-aways, or handouts, are a great way to give a consumer promotional material to take home. They can be simple card stock or vinyl printed pieces that go into more detail about a product, cause, or special offer. It's also a great way to take advantage of social media, by giving them step-by-step instructions to participate in programs on Facebook or Instagram.

Front of double-sided marketing handout printed and custom die cut for KeVita.
Front of double-sided marketing handout printed and custom die cut for KeVita.

Front and back of 2" x 6" double-sided promotional handout 4/4-color process printed on 12pt card stock with high gloss UV coating on both sides; and custom die cut for KeVita®

We also offer printed sales sheets and pads with multiple coupons. If you have an idea for your next promotion, contact us and we'll help you get it to fruition— from printing through die cutting, packing and shipping.


Custom printed retail POP displays and signage can be used as auxiliary shelving at the end of an aisle or in front of the register counter. This is especially useful in smaller stores or when you need to be sure of your product's placement. They can also be a mini billboard, sticking out of a container filled with the merchandise they're advertising.

We offer a variety of Point-of-Purchase Display signage pictures that we haven't even begun to cover here. Retail POP displays can be either two- or three-dimensional. They can be small, large, or anywhere in between. The point is that they are the first thing a customer sees when contemplating a purchase and often the last thing they see at the register. Take a look through our samples for even more ideas and inspiration.

These are a few types of POP displays and marketing materials we can custom print for your next promotion.

  • Pole Toppers
  • Table Tents
  • Multi-Sign Display Racks
  • Counter Displays
  • Counter Change Mats
  • Hotel Door Hangers
  • Spiral Booklets
  • Promotional Handouts
  • Printed Sales Sheets
  • Product Information Cards
  • Multi-Coupon Pads
  • Menu Covers
  • Menu Board Attachment Signs
  • Counter Cooler Wraps

If you'd like more information on POP Displays, Retail Graphic Signage, or Printed Marketing Solutions, you can call us at (714) 998-5266 or fill out our free quote form. If you can think it up, we can print it.