Bike Decals

Frame Set Stickers for BMX, Old School, and Promotional Bicycles

BMX bikes are back (not that they ever really went away). And so is the need for both new and old school BMX decals and bike sticker frame sets. At Dilco® we've been printing bike decals for companies like Elf®, S&M®, and Mongoose® for decades. We're also printing decals for promotional bikes like the ones we made for Skinny Girl® and Huffy® Beach Cruisers.

Some of the frame set sample pictures below were screen printed, some 4-color process. We print on both clear and chrome vinyl, and Mylar® polyester. Most sets include head tube, down tube, seat post, and triangle (seat stay, chain stay, seat tube) or handlebar decals for BMX bikes; and even fender and chain guard decals for beach cruisers.

BMX Bike Screen Printing

Screen printing produces brighter, more vibrant colors with a slightly raised glossy finish that no other type of printing can emulate. They are also more durable over the long haul than other printing methods. On vinyl or Mylar, screen printed decals are a perfect application for BMX bikes. The sample decal sets below specify how many spot colors were used, the substrate material they were printed on, and the parts of the bikes they will go on.


This BMX Decal Frame Set for S&M Bikes Hucker was screen printed 7 spot colors on 2.5 mil clear vinyl. Precision is the most important factor when printing with a large number of colors in tight spaces. The decals were then custom die cut into the shapes below, kiss cut for easy removal from backing liner, and included application tape. This sticker set includes the following:

  • Down Tube Decal
  • Head Tube (Badge) Decal
  • Seat Post Decal
BMX Bike Decal Set Printed by Dilco on Clear Vinyl for S&M Hucker.
Screen Printed BMX Bike Decal Set for S&M Bikes Hucker with 7 Spot Colors on Clear Vinyl

The custom printed bike decals below were also screen printed; also for S&M Bikes. They were printed with 5 spot colors on 2 mil clear vinyl for their 38 Special model. They also included custom die cutting (a necessity for all bike decals, really), with kiss cutting, and application tape. This bike decal sticker set includes:

  • Down Tube Decal
  • Top Tube Decal
  • 2 Fork Decals
  • Seat Post Decal
BMX Bike Decal Set Printed by Dilco on Clear Vinyl for S&M 38 Special.
BMX Decal Frame Set for S&M's 38 Special Screen Printed with 5 Spot Colors on 2 mil Clear Vinyl


Unlike the bike decals for S&M Bikes, Elf wanted a chrome finish on their BMX stickers, so they were screen printed on 4 mil chrome vinyl. Why not Mylar? Glad you asked. This is where a knowledgeable printer can actually save you money. Because of the intricate shape of their decals, it would cost a small fortune to make a steel rule die to custom die cut their decals in so many various shapes. That isn't necessary with decals printed on clear vinyl; but metallic decals have to be precise. So instead of Mylar, we used chrome vinyl and thermal die cut their decals. Same effect, much more cost-effective.

Another great thing to point out was that Elf had the forethought to have us print a Promotional Decal as part of their BMX decal sets. Extra decals mean extra advertsing that the end-user does for you. Smart.

Their decal set was screen printed with 3 spot colors, custom thermal die cut, kiss cut, with liner and application tape, and include the following:

  • Head Tube Decal
  • Down Tube Decal
  • 2 Fork Decals
  • Seat Post Decal
  • Promo Sticker
BMX Bike Decal Set Printed on chrome vinyl by Dilco on Mylar for Elf.
BMX Decals for Elf Bikes Screen Printed on Chrome Vinyl, Custom Thermal Die Cut; including Promotional Sticker


The Old School BMX Stickers below for Mongoose Bikes were also screen printed, but this time on Chrome Mylar. Since their shape can be easily die cut with a steel rule die—or even square cut—Mylar provided the best substrate for a shiny metallic look with the durability of polyester. They were screen printed with 4 spot colors to reproduce their original decals, giving new bikes a retro feel and look. This BMX sticker set includes:

  • Head Tube Decal
  • Down Tube Decal
  • 2 Fork Decals
  • 2 Sets of Seat Stay Decals
BMX Bike Decal Set Old School Printed by Dilco on Mylar for Mongoose.
Old School BMX Decals Screen Printed for Mongoose Bikes on 2 mil Chrome Mylar Polyester

Full-Color Bike Decals

Full-color printed (also referred to as 4-color process) bike decals are the method we use when screen printing either won't product the desired effect or would be too cost-prohibitive to do so. It's also the printing process used when a client only needs a limited quantity since it doesn't require various screens and setup time. Digital 4-color process printing can also produce better fades, gradients, and photo-realistic images; and for a fraction of the cost of screen printing. The foregoing samples depict two of these situations.


The Retro BMX Bike Decals for S&M Bikes have groovy "old school" artwork; artwork that includes extensive gradients. To screen print this decal set would have been labor-intensive—and expensive. For that reason, we digitally printed them as 4-color process + white on 2.5 mil clear vinyl. They were custom die cut and included:

  • Down Tube Decals
  • Handlebar Decals
BMX Bike Decal Set Old School Printed on Clear Vinyl Custom Die Cut by Dilco for S&M Mac
Retro BMX Decals 4-Color Process Digitally Printed for S&M Bikes Shawn McIntosh Fit on Clear Vinyl


Although the Cruiser Bike Decals for Skinny Girl Cocktails below could have technically been screen printed, they were 4-color process digitally printed. This was because these decal sets were for a promotional beach cruiser on Huffy Bikes. Since there was a limited quantity, it didn't make sense to charge setup fees for the number of screens required. It was also printed on clear vinyl which is difficult to show on a white web page, so we're using light gray to denote where the decals' clear area shows through. This beach cruiser printed decal set included:

  • Beach Cruiser Chain Guard
  • 2 Down Tubes
  • 2 Fenders
Beach Cruiser Bike Decal Set Printed on Clear Vinyl Contour Cut by Dilco on Mylar for Skinny Girl and Huffy.
Beach Cruiser Decals 4-Color Process Printed on 2.5 mil Clear Vinyl and Custom Contour Cut for Promotional Huffy Bikes for Skinny Girl Cocktails

We offer both screen printed and full-color bike decals for BMX, beach cruisers and promotional bikes. Please be advised that we don't print one or two sets, as set up, substrate materials and labor would make this too costly. If you'd like more information on Bike Decals Printing, give us a call at (714) 998-5266 or fill out our free quote form.