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Pictures of Printed Vinyl Cooler Clings and Freezer Cling Decals

These freezer and cooler cling samples show why they're so wildly successful, and why companies choose Dilco to custom print them. When these cling decals are affixed to retail glass cooler doors, they practically sell your product for you. Below are some of our newest examples. Each picture has a description below it detailing the size and printing method used; i.e., digital, screen printed or UV offset printed. We'll tell you whether it was printed on 8 mil static cling or 4 mil low tack vinyl, whether it's for freezer or cooler sections, and who we printed it for. Please note that all low-tack vinyl cooler and freezer clings also include a crack-and-peel slit liner on the back.

Cooler Cling Printed by Dilco on Low-Tack Vinyl for Kombucha Bear's Fruit and Custom Die Cut
Printed Cooler Cling Decal
Kombucha® Bear's Fruit
custom die cut 8" x 7.625"
printed full color
4 mil low-tack white vinyl

Freezer Cling Vinyl Decal Printed by Dilco for Comfy Cow.
Freezer Cling Vinyl Decal
The Comfy Cow
custom die cut 4-color process
on white low-tack vinyl with slit liner

Printed cooler cling decals custom die cut to product size by dilco for Kaya.
Custom Cooler Clings
2.5" x 8.5" 3 separate clings
4-color process custom printed
on 4 mil white low-tack vinyl
with crack-and-peel liner

Freezer Cling Printing by Dilco on 10x8 Low-Tack Vinyl for Halo Top Ice Cream
Freezer Cling Decal
Halo Top®
10" x 8" 4 mil low-tack vinyl
4-color process digitally printed

4x6 Freezer Cling Decal printed by Dilco for Udderly Ridiculous
4" x 6" Freezer Cling Decal
Udderly Ridiculous®
from 4x6 free template
4-color process printed
white low-tack vinyl

Freezer Cling Decal for Skinny Cow printed by Dilco on static cling vinyl, custom die cut to approximately 5x7 inches.
5" x 7" Freezer Cling Decal
Skinny Cow®
4-color process + white
custom UV offset printed
8 mil clear static cling vinyl

Cooler Cling Decal Printed by Dilco from 5x7 template for Simek's
Cooler Cling Decal
from 5x7 template
digitally printed 4-cp
4 mil white low-tack vinyl

Cooler Cling Decal Printed by Dilco on Low-Tack Vinyl for Coco Joy
5x7 Cooler Cling
from free template
Coco Joy®
digitally printed 4 color
4 mil white low-tack vinyl
5x7 Freezer Cling Decal Printed by Dilco on Low-Tack Vinyl for Cool Jacks
Freezer Cling Decal
Cool Jacks®
5x7 from template
4-color process + white
on clear low-tack vinyl

Cooler Cling Decal Printing by Dilco on Low-Tack Vinyl for Goldthread Drink More Plants
Cooler Cling Decal
5x5 full-color printed
4 mil white low-tack vinyl

Custom printed cooler cling 4x5.4 inches on 4 mil low tack vinyl by Dilco for WTR MLN water
4" x 5.4" Cooler Cling
4-color process printed
on 4 mil low-tack vinyl

Cooler Cling Printing on Low-Tack Vinyl and Custom Die Cut by Dilco for Fruzinga
4" x 5.4" Cooler Cling
4-color process printed
custom die cut
on 4 mil low-tack vinyl