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Vinyl and Styrene Sign Samples

Custom Printed Plastic, Vinyl, Styrene, Coroplast, Komatex and Sintra Sign Pictures

Below are a wide variety of sample pictures of plastic signs. They include traditional vinyl signs and styrene signs, but we'll also show you some unique ones you may not have thought of: like custom printed pole huggers, header signs, ceiling-hung signs, and wall sleeves with cable cutout windows. Some are for store displays, both indoor and outdoor, and some are used at the point of purchase. The examples include signs that are screen printed, digitally printed or uv offset printed; single- and double-sided; on vinyl, styrene, Coroplast, Komatex, Sintra, Dibond, Gatorboard, foamcore, Dibond, and even card stock (okay, card stock's not really a plastic sign) Below each picture you'll find the size, type of sign, printing method, substrate material, and whether it was square cut or custom die cut.

Sintra expanded PVC sign custom printed by Dilco for the 2017 Rose Parade.
Sintra Expanded PVC Sign
35" x 34.5" 4-color process printed
on 3mm Sintra® expnaded PVC with UV coating

Vinyl Header Sign 35.5x15 Printed by Dilco for Pondmax
Vinyl Header Sign
35.5" x 15" 4-color process printed
on 15 mil white vinyl

Header sign custom printed by Dilco on card stock for Mophie
Card Stock Header Sign
Mophie® for REI®
22" x 10"
4-color process printed
on 4 pt. white card stock
for end cap display in REI® stores

Digitally printed 79 x 31.5 inch sign by Dilco on Coroplast corrugated vinyl for Dole Dippers
Coroplast Sign
Dole® brand
79" x 31.5" digitally printed
on 4mm Coroplast corrugated vinyl

Custom printed vinyl sign by Dilco for Foster Farms
Vinyl Sign
Foster Farms®
6.25" Square digitally printed
15 mil white vinyl with write-in area
custom die cut radius corners

Printed vinyl sign custom die cut with window by dilco for bek fiber-optics
Wall Sleeve Sign
4.5x10 4-cp printed + uv clear
20 mil white vinyl
custom die cut
with irregular opening
for wall cables to come through

Styrene sign printing by Dilco for Makita and Grainger
Printed Styrene Sign
Makita® Grainger®
11.25x20.5 digitally printed
on 40 mil white styrene

Sintra Sign Printed by Dilco on Expanded PVC for 3 Water
Expanded PVC Sign
3 Water®
35" x 34.5" 4-cp printed
on 3mm Sintra expanded PVC

Pole hugger sign printing by Dilco on Coroplast for Minta
Outdoor Pole Hugger Sign
12.25" x 40" CMYK printed
4mm Coroplast corrugated plastic
custom die cut
with 4 holes for attaching

Round vinyl sign custom printed and die cut by Dilco Nestle Nesquik with hole for hanging
Double-Sided Hanging Vinyl Sign
Nestle® Nesquik®
7" round custom die cut
4/4-cp UV offset printed
on 20 mil white matte vinyl
die cut hole for hanging