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Full-Color Digital Decal Samples

Digitally 4-Color Process Printed Decals and Variable Data Decals

These digital decal pictures show why Dilco is the leader in full-color 4-color process printing. We should be; we've been doing it for over 40 years. They show the photo-quality images we can produce, as well as sequential numbering (variable data) and barcodes. They represent just a fraction of the substrate materials we print on, including both high-tack and low-tack vinyl, static cling vinyl, Mylar® and brushed metal vinyl. We offer single- or double-sided digital decals, including barrier film where necessary. They can also be cut to any size, square or custom die cut.

Digital Decal Full-Color 4-CP Printed by Dilco for Malcolm Smith.
Subsurface Printed Digital Decal
Malcolm Smith®
4.78" x 3.52" custom die cut
4-color process + white
digitally printed sub-surface
on 12 mil clear high-tack vinyl

Variable Data Printing Sequential Bar Code on Brushed Silver Mylar
Variable Data Decals
top portion of 7x9 warning label
sequentially numbered with bar code
4-color process digitally printed
on 15 mil brushed silver Mylar®

Sample of a full-color 4-color process printed vinyl decal by Dilco for Behr Paint Products
Full-Color Vinyl Decal
Behr® Paint
14.5" x 5" 4-cp digitally printed
on 4 mil white high tack vinyl
with 5 mil scuff-resistant laminate

Full-Color Decal Custom Printed by Dilco on Low-Tack Vinyl and Custom Die Cut for Long Island Iced Tea.
Full-Color Decal
Long Island Iced Tea®
2.5" x 6" custom die cut
4-color process printed
on 4 mil white low-tack vinyl

Full-Color Decal Digitally Printed by Dilco for Hint Water
Full-Color Digital Decal
Hint® Water
4" x 6" 4-color process
printed on 4 mil white vinyl

Digital decals printed by Dilco for Uptime; one in a series of 3 versions.
Digital Full-Color Decals
6" x 6" 4-color process
digitally printed + white
on 4 mil low-tack vinyl
1 in series of 3 verions printed