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POP Displays and Marketing Material Samples

Point-of-Purchase Retail Displays and Promotional Marketing Handout Pictures

These pictures show the wide the range of custom printed Point-of-Purchase (POP) signage and displays we make, including pole toppers, spiral booklets, product display cards, table tents, cooler wraps, and counter change mats. We have also included Printed Marketing Handouts such as product information cards and sales sheets. Use these print marketing solutions for ideas and design inspiration for your next promotional campaign or project. We've even included the specifications below each display or sign so you can see how it was printed, whether or not it was custom die cut, how it was assembled, the size, printing method and what it was used for.

Custom Printed 4x6 Magnet by Dilco for Lexus
Custom Printed Magnet
Lexus® Chip Zone
4" x 6" 4-color process printed
14 pt white magnetic material
custom die cut

Custom printed product box for Mee-Maw's Gumbo Bowl
Printed Product Box
Mee-Ma's Gumbo Bowl
box printed flat, scored, & die cut
4-color process digitally printed

Double-sided POP vinyl signage for use on soup dispenser showing separate messages on front and back
9" x 8" Double Sided Dispenser Signage
Marukome® Miso Soup
4/4-color process digitally printed
on 10 mil gloss white vinyl
with 3 mil semi gloss laminate
custom die cut
snaps onto soup dispensing machine

2 Product display cards custom screen printed on vinyl by Dilco for TrafficMaster and Home Depot
Screen Printed Product Display Cards
TrafficMaster® for Home Depot®
13.75" x 4.25" screen printed
on 20 mil matte white vinyl
high tack adhesive laminated

Counter-top cooler and the custom printed vinyl cooler wrap Dilco made for Invigorade
Printed Counter Top Cooler Wrap
2 18.375" x 34.625" side decals
4-cp on white removable vinyl
1 18.75" x 7.125" header sign/decal
4-cp printed on 7 mil backlit Translite®
laminated with 3 mil semi-gloss vinyl

Custom printed die cut vinyl cards for POP spiral booklet for GE
Custom Printed POP Spiral Booklet
GE® Camera Card
mounts to POP display
3.875" x 2.62" each card
4-cp UV offset printed
on 15 mil gloss white vinyl
custom die cut
12 Inch round counter change mat for Seagram's that Dilco custom subsurface printed on scuff-resistant vinyl
12" Round Counter Change Mat
Seagram's® Vodka
4-cp sub-surface printed
on 10 mil scuff-resistant vinyl
with black gripper back lamination
custom die cut

Double-Sided Door Hanger Printed on Styrene by Dilco for Morongo Casino Hotel
Hotel Door Hanger
Morongo® Casino Resort
double-sided printing
4/4-color process printed
3.5" x 7.75"
30 mil white styrene;
custom die cut with hole


Front Cover

Printed sales brochure front and back cover by Dilco for Bugsy Brewing.


Printed sales brochure inside by Dilco for Bugsy Brewing.
Printed Sales Brochure
Bugsy Brewing® Lytt®
17" x 11" o.a. with center fold
4/4-cp digitally printed on 100 lb book


Front of double-sided marketing handout printed and custom die cut for KeVita.


Front of double-sided marketing handout printed and custom die cut for KeVita.
Printed Promotional Handout
2" x 6" 4/4-color process printed
custom die cut 12 pt card stock
high gloss UV coating both sides