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Our custom printed vinyl hang tags work overtime as clothing tags, parking permitsproduct holders, and decal vehicles. That's their functional use. But what makes hang tags sell your stuff is the perceived value they pass along to the product they're attached to. That's their real value. They can elevate an item or product just by, well, hanging on it. This is something we understand like no other printer. And that's why some of the biggest brands in the country use Dilco to produce their tags.


Have you ever chosen one brand over another because of the hang tag? Think about it. Item A has a basic price tag with a bar code and black writing on a white paper tag. Item B is a similar product, but its hang tag has vibrant artwork printed on heavy card stock or vinyl. Even if Item B is a little more expensive, I bet you buy it. And if you recognize the brand, I know you'll buy it. I would. I know about the psychology of this stuff, and I will. Every time. Why?

When you make a product you're proud of you pay attention to every last detail, and that includes the hang tag. With a nice-looking tag, the product itself is suddenly more unique, better quality, and can fetch a higher price. That is what is referred to as "perceived value." The better the hang tag, the more perceived value is attached to the item it's hanging on. That's why custom printed—and even custom die cut—hang tags are so effective.

When I started this web page, I quickly saw that there isn't a lot of information online about hang tags, other than "we sell hang tags" and "cheap hang tags." I suppose that since they're so self-explanatory, not many printers go into detail about how they can be used, the various materials they can be printed on, and why they're so important in branding.


Look at a few of the hang tags we've made for various companies; some of them are so clever you almost forget that they're marketing something here. They're often the biggest little billboards in the store.

Asics® is especially good at this. Between the custom die cutting, bright colors and illustrative artwork, these are definitely head-turning hang tags. If you had never heard of Asics (like, um, you lived under a rock or something), you'd know in an instant what they make just from these double-sided vinyl hang tags. More importantly, by including awards and endorsements on both sides of the hang tag, they further validate the purchase in the consumer's mind.

Sample custom printed hang tag die cut in the shape of a shoe for Asics
Asics double-sided vinyl hang tags show how effective it is to have separate artwork and information on the front and back of the tag; as well as custom die cutting their hang tag into a shape that represents their product

The best thing about double-sided hang tags is their flexibility; they can look however you need them to. They can be huge like these new ones from Hoo Rag® who had us print their hang tags on 50 pt. card stock. What makes them so clever is that, instead of being attached to their product, the product fits into the hang tag itself.

They use their 14.4" size to show all the various ways the bandana can be worn on the front of the hang tag; the back has product information, washing instructions, company info and social media marketing.

Double-sided hang tag printing by Dilco with separate messages front and back, custom die cut to hold product
Extra large double-sided hang tags printed for Hoo Rag actually hold the bandana within the tag, as well as providing separate information front and back


The sample below is 1 of 2 tags that we made for Bosch® dishwashers. Although this isn't the shape that first comes to mind when you hear the phrase "hang tag," technically they are. They each have 2 small holes in the top so they can hang directly on the appliance. On our samples page, there are also pictures of similar sizes that are used to hang on bread racks for Kings Hawaiian®.

Appliance Hang Tag Printed by Dilco on Vinyl for Bosch
Appliance hang tag for Bosch 17" long that hang on the front of their dishwashers.


The sticker hang tag automatically does double duty, but the one we printed for DUI® does triple duty. The 3-dimensional look of the artwork on the front of the tag helps sell the product. The consumer instantly knows its quality by the time that went into the hang tag itself. The brand is also reinforced.

We've added dashed lines so you can tell where the front of the vinyl hang tag was kiss-cut in 2 places. That's because this printed vinyl turns into 2 decals once they're peeled from the hang tag. Decals that the consumer can then stick to their gear for others to see.

Lastly, the back of the hang tag is actually a printable liner. A liner with information on the company and, more importantly, an invitation to join the "pack," a divers group with a website (more free marketing).

To sum it up, that little hang tag helped sell the product, got the consumer to go to—or return to—the website, and market the brand to their friends who see the decals. That's a whole lot of advertising in a 4x6 space.

2 Kiss Cuts for 2 Vinyl Decals
Front of Sticker Hang Tag with Kiss Cuts for 2 Separate Printed Vinyl Decals
Printable Liner
Back of Sticker Hang Tag Printed on Custom Die Cut Printable Liner


  • Increase the perceived value of your product with a custom printed tag
  • Add a call-to-action for limited time offers
  • Use artwork to show the consumer how to use the product
  • Add incentives to join a club or social media
  • Use your hang tag to have the customer register online
  • Include a special offer for accessories or additional merchandise
  • Make your hang tag into a sticker hang tag

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