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Beverage and Wine Case Cards, Header Cards, Case Backers

Case cards are custom printed signage that slides between cases of wine, beer, alcoholic beverages, and energy drinks. They also go by the names of case backers, wine case cards, header cards, and case signage. But no matter what you call them, they're genius. On just one piece of heavy card stock (cardboard), E-Flute® (corrugated board), or Komatex® (expanded PVC), these signs turn your cases into an eye-catching display. And, get this, there's nothing—nothing!— to assemble. With a 3-prong bottom, they slip easily between cases or onto the back of a large box containing what you're selling. No muss, no fuss.

We offer 48 pt card stock case cards in several sizes, from small to huge. We can also print them on virtually any rigid substrate material, depending on where they'll be used (indoors or outside) and the length of your advertising campaign. You can use our handy templates, saving yourself setup fees and die costs; or we can custom die cut them to meet any specifications.


Why spend a small fortune on a store display when you can add a custom printed case card? Since we make them as single-piece* signs, there are no posts to assemble. Just slide them in and you're set to go. Case cards are the most cost-effective way to attract customers to your brand, your promotion, or a new item.
*We also offer double-sided case cards; just ask us for a quote!


Any of the stock die templates we offer at no charge can be used for wine, beer, soda or other spirits. Whether in traditional bottle displays or can displays. The case cards not only draw attention, they also elevate the product, adding to it's perceived value. A stack of random cases in the supermarket doesn't have nearly the impact of a display with a colorful sign jutting out the top. This differentiates the product from the competitor's, making consumers more likely to drop a case of what you're selling into their shopping cart.


The most popular use of custom printed case cards is wine displays. When more than one variety are printed at the same time and coupled with our stock dies, you save money and time. The wine case cards below are examples of two from the seven varieties we printed and die cut for Frescobaldi Wines.

Wine Case Cards printing by Dilco for Castel Giocondo and Alie
Wine Case Cards full-color printed by Dilco from 12x19 templates on 48 pt C1S card stock for Castel Giocondo and Alie Wines


Although I credit wine with making Case Cards a household name (well, if your house "holds" printers, like mine does). But that doesn't mean there aren't a gazillion other uses for them. It goes without saying that case cards can be used to turn any stack of beverages into a retail display (waters, spirits, and beer come to mind), but we're printing them for things like cat litter and other boxed, cased or canned goods.

Case Card Printing by Dilco for Neo
Case card printing from 12x24 template for Neo® Water
Case Card Printing by Dilco for Invigorade
Printed case card from 16x24 template for Invigorade®

Take a look at some of the case card samples we've printed for more design inspiration; be sure to check out our case card wholesale prices. We even include complete prepress instructions with our free templates.


If you don't have the vertical space for a traditional case card, get creative like New York Seltzer® did with these folded case cards. Below is one from a set of four we made for their beverage displays. Each case card measures 19.625" x 12.25" with a 2" scored flap at the top. We also added two .75" x 12" double-stick adhesive tape strips. They are 4-color process printed on 24 pt. card stock.

Here's how they work: The folded flap is placed between stacked cases so the artwork hangs down in front (kinda like the way folded shelf talkers work, but these "hang" from the cases of New York Seltzer instead of from the shelf above. The double-stick tape ensures that they stay in place until shoppers have snapped up every last one of them.

Folded Case Card Printed on 24 pt Card Stock by Dilco for New York Seltzer Beverage Display in Store.
Folded Case Cards 19.625" x 12.25" Printed by Dilco® for New York Seltzer® Stacked Beverage Display


For the most bang for your buck, consider using case cards to:

  • Introduce a new product
  • Make customers aware of new packaging
  • Let shoppers know about special pricing
  • Reinforce branding

If you'd like more information on Printed Case Cards, give us a call at (714) 998-5266, upload your artwork, or fill out our free quote form. We'll walk you through from start to finish.