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Aisle violators literally violate the space between stacked store shelves, sticking out in the aisle to double sided, violators are custom printed on 15 mil vinyl for its rigidity and opacity. They can literally be seen coming and going down the supermarket aisle!

Each violator is 4/4-color process printed and can either be custom die cut or you can use one of our free templates which include Dilco® Clipfree® tabs. They also guarantee that your violator won't fall apart when in-use. We'll tell you what violators can do to promote your product, as well as showing you sample pictures and providing pricing. Find out why the biggest companies in the world trust us to print and finish their violators.


The first thing you should know about aisle violators is that they go by about a zillion names. They're also called aisle invaders, aisle breakers, shelf flags, and aisle interrupters. We've decided to pick a name and stick with it: Aisle Violators.


I call aisle violators the smarty pants of POP (point of purchase) displays because they're an incredibly clever marketing tool. They make use of the space in the aisle of the store by simply hanging off the shelf. I know what you're gonna say... isn't that what shelf talkers do? Well, yes and no. Although both hang from the channel of a shelf's edge, aisle violators use that as a jumping off point to stick out into the aisle, rather than hanging over the front of the shelf. It is this unique design that lends itself to several advantages.


The first benefit is that they are faced directly at the customer as they make their way down the aisle. Whereas a shelf talker requires a shopper to be directly in front of it to see it, aisle violators don't wait for consumers to stop. Eye-level aisle violators are more likely to make them stop.

Think of it this way: if there are rows of product on either side of you while walking down a store aisle, you might not turn to the right or the left unless you're specifically looking for something. But if a little sign jutted out in front of you, you couldn't help but read it. And seeing that sign may be all the incentive required to remind you that you needed that product, want to take advantage of the sale that product is offering, or have wanted to try that product. The location of that little sign, that aisle violator, is actually the point of purchase; not the cash register. It's where and when you decided to put that product into your cart.


Another advantage of aisle violators is that they are double sided. This translates into more viewings of the message since they can be seen regardless of which way the shopper is coming down the aisle. Much like a double sided sign protruding from a storefront, an aisle violator won't be overlooked.


To take it one step further, many companies are using the fact that violators are two-sided to have separate images and/or messages on the same violator. This can be used for separate products, flavors, or even languages in stores where the demographic is multilingual.

Melanie's Medleys™ makes good use of double-sided aisle violators by using each side to advertise different varieties of their product. To emphasize that they are different to the consumer, they use different colors for the background of the message area as well as the tab.

Aisle Violator printing separate messages on each side with Dilco Clipfree Tabs
Double-sided aisle violator showing different flavors of Melanie's Medleys™ on front and back.

With yet another creative use of two-sided printing, KeVita® promotes their Sparkling Probiotic Drink with two complementary color palettes highlighting different flavors. Either one of these violators would make a consumer look twice; if not just for the great designs and colors, but also because both sides aren't the same.

On this aisle invader Dilco printed 2 separate color schemes and messages on each side
KeVita's® violator shows different product varieties on each side


In addition to the traditional way we make aisle violators, we can also custom make just about anything you can dream up. For example, in the images below, Minta® asked us to make a violator that's folded rather than printed double-sided. And they wanted it to have a shelf strip on either side. And they wanted it to be all one piece. And they wanted the front image to be different than the back image so the consumer sees two different flavors coming up or going down the supermarket aisle.

No problem!

That's the beauty of the Dilco® Clipfree® system. Since there are no clips in the way, the built-in tab can be extended to act as an additional shelf strip. This wouldn't be possible with anything other than a Clipfree® Aisle Violator.

The top image shows the front and back sides of the violator. Between the two soda cans is a tiny strip of white vinyl where we scored it so it could be folded in half. Double-stick adhesive tape was added to the backs of the cans so they will stick to each other. To the side of each can is a shelf strip with additional score lines to make the can stand out from the shelf at a slight angle. These two shelf strips will snap into the channel. The strips do double duty, attracting attention to the product and also acting as a clip for the aisle violator.

When they arrive at the stores, the tape liners will be pulled off, the cans folded together to make one double-sided can, and the strips will be snapped into the shelf edges.

Score Line for Folding
One-piece aisle violator with built-in shelf strips custom printed by Dilco for Minta

One-piece aisle violator with built-in shelf strips custom printed by Dilco for Minta
Aisle Violator after it's Folded and Taped with Shelf Strips on Either Side


Like shelf talkers, our Clipfree® aisle violators are printed flat, in one continuous piece with an integral mini neck and tab. That means you don't need clips, struts, holders or Velcro® dots to fit them in the channel; you just snap them in... easy peasy. You have the option of adding double-stick adhesive tape to the tabs if you don't have a channel to snap them into.

Aisle violators are custom printed 4/4-color process. But, unlike shelf talkers, aisle violators are printed on 15 mil vinyl rather than 10 mil. Shelf talkers need the thinner vinyl to do their wobbly thing; aisle violators need strength and durability to stand out straight from the shelves. Heavier vinyl ensures that they are sturdy. Since the vinyl is thicker, it also means you won't be able to see through the violator to the message on the other side.

They can be custom die cut. We'll be happy to give you a free quote on customizing the size and shape of your violator. But to save money and time, we also offer downloadable stock die templates, complete with a tutorial on how to use them, dielines, and bleed lines.


Not only do they grab the spotlight, they also serve to reinforce branding and holding power at the shelf. By supplementing media advertising, coupons, and special offers, aisle violators get the word out without taking up precious shelf space. And let's face it, consumers are fickle. They want to know about the next best thing. They want to try it. They can and often will... if they just know about it. So, stop them at the aisle!

If you'd like more information on Aisle Violators, give us a call at (714) 998-5266 or fill out our free quote form.