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Pictures of Custom Printed Vinyl Decals with Low-Tack Adhesive

These samples below all low-tack vinyl decals, single-sided window clings, and perforated window film decals that we print. They are all printed on 4 mil clear or white low-tack adhesive vinyl.Some were square cut, while others were custom die cut. The specifications below each image tell if they were screen printed, UV offset printed or digitally printed. They also give the finished size, whether they were printed face-up or subsurface (mirrored), and whether they were square cut or custom die cut. All low-tack vinyl decals include a crack-and-peel slit liner.

Low-Tack Vinyl Cling Decal 16x5 Printed by Dilco for Sunnystreet
Low-Tack Vinyl Cling Decal
16x5 full-color printed
4 mil low-tack white vinyl
custom die cut

Low-Tack Vinyl Cling Decal 12 Inches Square Printed by Dilco for Warner Bros.
Low-Tack Vinyl Cling Decal
custom die cut heart shape
4-color process printed
4 mil low-tack white vinyl

Mirror Cling Decal printed by Dilco on Low-Tack Vinyl with Semi-Slit on Front.
Mirror Cling Decal
5" x 6" (including bottom strip)
4-cp printed on 4 mil low-tack vinyl
with semi-slit on front
to remove UPC before
adhering to mirror

Low-tack vinyl cling decal from template custom printed by Dilco for Drizly.
Low-Tack Cling Decal
5" x 7" digitally printed
4 mil clear low-tack vinyl
from stock template

Low-tack vinyl cling decal printed and custom die cut into triangles by Dilco for Belkin.
Custom Low-Tack Vinyl Decal
custom die cut to 5x5 triangles
full-color digitally printed
4 mil white low-tack vinyl
with slit liner
2 of series of 4
Low-Tack Vinyl Decal 5x7 printed by Dilco for Clean Cause.
Low-Tack Vinyl Decal
Clean Cause®
from 5" x 7" template
4-color process printed
on 4 mil low-tack vinyl

Low-Tack Vinyl 18x18 Cling Decal Printed by Dilco for Mission Foods.
18x18 Low-Tack Cling Decal
Mission® Foods
18" x 18"
4-color process printed
on white low-tack vinyl
with crack-n-peel slit liner

4 Inch inside-mount single-sided window cling decal custom printed by Dilco for Nikon
Inside-Mount Low-Tack Decal
3" x 3" square
4-color process printed + white
on 4 mil low-tack vinyl
subsurface printed
for inside-mount
outside viewing

Printed low-tack vinyl decal from Dilco 4x6 template for Hint Water
Low-Tack Decal from Template
Hint® Water
from 4x6 template
4-color process printed
on 4 mil low-tack vinyl
1 of 2 with slit liner