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Pictures of Printed Case Cards, Wine Case Cards, Header Cards, and Case Backers

The case card pictures below show why these simple cardboard signs are some of the best and most cost-effective advertising dollars you'll spend. Used primarily as beer, spirits, energy drink, or wine case cards, they can also be used for any product that's stacked in cases or boxes in a retail enviroment. In other words, like all great marketing signage, they'll sell the product for you!

Below are some new examples that can provide design inspiration for your own case cards. Each picture includes a description below it with the size and printing substrate used; whether it was from one of our templates or custom die cut, and for whom it was printed.


Wine Case Cards 12x19 printed by Dilco for Frescobaldi
Wine Case Cards
Frescobaldi® Wines
12x19 template full-color printing
on 48 pt C1S card stock

Wine Case Cards 24x24 printed by Dilco for Beringer
Wine Case Cards
Beringer® Wines
24x24 4-color process printed
on 48 pt card stock


Case Cards Printed and Custom Die Cut by Dilco for Real McCoy Rum
Case Cards
Real McCoy® Rum
4-color process printed
on 48 pt card stock
custom die cut 11x23.5

Beverage Case Card printing by Dilco for Gray Whale Gin
Beverage Case Card
Gray Whale® Gin
12x24 template
one of two versions
full-color printed
48 pt C1S card stock

Double-Sided Beverage Case Card Printing by Dilco Custom Die Cut for Stem Ciders
Double-Sided Case Cards
Stem Ciders®
custom die cut
4/4-color process printed
on 48 pt cardboard


Beverage Case Card 2-sided printing by Dilco for Marquis
2-Sided Case Card
Marquis® Energy Drink
custom die cut to 14.8x12.1
4/4-color process printed on 48 pt card stock

Case Card Double-Sided printing by Dilco from template for Boxie Cat
Double-Sided Case Card
Boxie Cat®
from 6" x 10" template
4/4 full-color printed on 48 pt card stock