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Polycarbonate Labels, Equipment Nameplates, Control Panel Overlays, Polyester Labels, and Duratrans Printing

Lexan® is the brand name of polycarbonate labels and decals we custom print for the California State Lottery as well as many manufacturers to be used as equipment overlaysand nameplates on control panels. They are subsurface printed, predominantly screen printed or digitally printed, but can be UV offset printed as well. As long as we're name-dropping, Washington State also trusts us to print the Lexan labels for their machines. These are huge orders of even huger labels. They expect the best quality, pricing and durability with on-time delivery. Doesn't your equipment deserve the same?


Lexan polycarbonate labels are the workhorse of industrial labels and overlays. Since the inks are printed on the back (or subsurface), they can't be rubbed, scuffed or scratched off. This makes Lexan an excellent choice for nameplates, control panels, instrument panels and overlays. They are often used to cover membrane switches. With die cut holes to operate the switches, they protect the controls while the velvet or matte finish resists scratching due to heavy usage. And, because they're impervious to mild chemicals, they are tough enough for heavy use in industrial environments.

The following graphic shows the process and layers used in Dilco's subsurface printing on polycarbonate labels.


They also work well for machines heavily used by the public. And, when state lotteries need a printer they can trust, they use Dilco. It's as simple as that. We print Lexan polycarbonate overlays, labels and side panels for both the California and Washington State Lotteries. The labels, button overlay, and Duratrans translite panel below are for the California Lottery Scratcher Vending Machines. They were 4-color process subsurface printed + white on 10 mil velvet matte Lexan® with heavy duty solvent-resistant adhesive and custom die cut. We also print the sets for their Self-Service Terminals, Altura, and GamePoint Machines.

Lexan labels subsurface full-color printing on matte velvet polycarbonate and Duratrans printing, custom die cut to use as machine overlays, nameplates, and side panels of the California State Lottery Scratchers Machine.
Lexan Polycarbonate and Duratrans Translite Printed Labels for California State Lottery Machines
1. Duratrans Translite Backlit Panel Digitally Printed on 8 mil TransView Vinyl 25" x 5"
2. Bottom Panel Subsurface Printed on 10 mil Lexan Velvet 28.5" x 12.5"
3. 2 Side Panels (one with hole for lock) Subsurface Digitaly Printed on 10 mil Lexan Velvet; each 19.5" x 53"
4. Button Overlay 4-Color Process Digitally Subsurface Printed on 10 mil Lexan Velvet 4.25" x 5.75"
5. Instruction Label Subsurface Printed on 10 mil Lexan Velvet 4.25" x 8.5"


  • Gloss: High Sheen; Not For Touch Panel
  • Matte: Very Light Texture Non-Reflective
  • Velvet: Heavier Texture; Resists Scratches
  • 7 mil: For Non-Recessed Areas
  • 10 mil: Most Popular Choice For Recesses
  • 15 mil: Extra Durability For Deep Recesses
  • 20 mil: Most Durable

Velvet is the most popular choice in finishes as it resists most scratches and has a more durable texture. Likewise, 10 mil is the gauge that is most often used for regular application with or without recessed areas. The most durable thickness, 20 mil, is heavy enough to bridge areas of the machinery where holes were punched, but now need to be covered. In other words, 20 mil is often used on those "oops" spots.


Control panel overlay printed by Dilco on Polyester for Imperial commerical oven.

For those applications where tough isn't tough enough, polyester labels are the clear-cut leader. They're more costly than Lexan, but will also last 50 times longer under the same conditions. They are particularly suited to unforgiving environments since they are invulnerable to harsh chemicals and solvents.

Like Lexan, polyester labels are printed on the subsurface, so inks are protected from scratches, scuffs and fading. They work well for face plates with embossed buttons for membrane switch activation. Polyester labels also hold up better for outdoor applications.

This control panel overlay was made of 10 mil polyester for use on Imperial® commercial ovens for El Pollo Loco® restaurants. They chose polyester because of all the raised buttons. In addition, while polycarbonate is good for 50-100,000 accuations (contacts), polyester is rated for over a million.

On a side note, Imperial's overlays were originally made by another printer. And the overlays failed. Why? They mistakenly printed them on polycarbonate. It couldn't hold up to the harsh chemicals and heavy usage. When the order was subsequently brought to Dilco, we knew what the problem was right away. We printed them on polyester instead. To be specific, they were screen printed 2 colors + transparent red on 8 mil velvet gloss polyester with heavy duty solvent-resistant adhesive. They also have adhesive-free windows for 3 switches and embossed buttons, and were custom die cut.

This is where a commercial printer's experience is most importrant. Put simply, they know substrate materials, what they can and cannot do; and which material, printing method, or adhesive will perform best in any given situation.


Your Lexan polycarbonate or polyester labels will be die cut to your exact specifications. We also offer adhesive-free windows; and die cutting open areas in the adhesive to prevent any interference with the membrane switch and eliminate adhesive clouding of LED lights. As with all of our products and services, we'll guide you through choosing the material, finish, and adhesive that will perform best for your individual application.

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