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Shelf wobblers are one of the most effective and economical attention-getters in the store, selling your product for you. With their low cost and huge impact, they provide more bang for the buck than nearly anything else we make. And here's the good part: We offer the very best custom printed vinyl shelf wobblers in the industry. That's why more name brands come to Dilco® than any other printer. We'll tell you what they do, how they're made, the pricing, what they look like, and how to order them. We'll tell you common mistakes you can avoid when choosing your wobbler; and most importantly, the best ways to use them to promote your products.


Imagine being able to stand there. In front of your product. Selling it to shoppers. Telling them about your special promotion. In reality, that's just not possible. That's where shelf wobblers come in. They do it for you. With their fluid movements, bright colors, graphics and brand recognition, they virtually tap customers on the shoulder and say, "Look at me!"

As a marketing tool, nothing beats the impact of this little sign. Strategically placed on the shelf that houses your product, they dangle at eye-level; giving them the additional moniker, shelf danglers. Although this seems a bit low-tech in a high-tech world, consider this: shelf wobblers are often the only moving item on an otherwise static aisle of shelves and products.


Shelf wobblers are comprised of a message area, neck and tab. The tab is what holds the wobbler in place; the neck is what provides the movement or "wobble," and the message area is where you promote your product, introduce something new, or offer special pricing.

They are point of purchase (POP) displays that literally sit on a shelf and do the talking for you; for this reason they're also referred to as shelf talkers. What do they talk about? In short, your brand and your product. They sell when you can't be there to do it in person. A brief listing of their uses include:

  • Introducing a New Product
  • Offering a Special Limited-Time Discount
  • Incentivizing a Purchase With a Sweepstakes Entry or Contest
  • Pointing Out New Packaging
  • Familiarizing Customers With Your Product
  • Generating Impulse Buys

Limit? Sky.

Shelf Wobbler Artwork on Dilco Clipfree Template
Shelf wobbler artwork under Dilco® Clipfree® template
Shelf Wobbler after Die Cutting from Template, In-Use
Same shelf wobbler after it has been die cut and the tab snapped into shelf channel


Although they're printed flat, as one unit, shelf wobblers are comprised of three distinct areas. The first and most important is the message area. This is the billboard of a wobbler. It's the sign and the info, the colors and the message. It's what consumers look at as it sways, dangles, and wobbles from the shelf edge it's affixed to. The design on this area of a wobbler is nearly as important as the words.

The size of the message area is up to you. We can die cut virtually any size. That said, the most cost-effective way to use shelf wobblers is with one of our stock templates. They are our most popular sizes, and they save money by eliminating die charges and setup fees. It's important to note that when we give sizes for shelf wobbler templates, we use the message area as the size. For example, the 4x4 wobbler above has a 4" x 4" message area, although the overall height is 8" when flat.


The shelf wobbler's neck is the long vertical portion that runs between the tab and message area. Its sole job is to be rigid enough to support the weight of the message area, yet flexible enough to make that wobbler dance with the slightest breeze. It's one of the reasons we make wobblers out of 10 mil rigid vinyl.

The neck can either be printed or left white vinyl. The preference is dependent on your design more than anything else. Some like the front of the neck to flow seamlessly into the message area, while others prefer that the neck stay white to draw attention only to the message area.

Shelf wobbler with and without printed neck
The Shelf Wobbler on the left shows only the message area printed; the front of the neck is left white vinyl. The image on the right shows how the same wobbler looks with the neck printed black to match the background of the message area.


The tab is the part of the wobbler that snaps into the edge on the front of the shelf. Our tabs are unique in that they are built right into the shelf wobbler, eliminating the need for buying and assembling clips or struts to make them work. By printing your wobblers as one-piece units, we keep the costs down saving you both time and money. These tabs are what holds up the entire wobbler.

The edge of a store shelf isn't flat; it has metal strips folded over at the top and bottom, creating a channel to hold price tags and product info. That's where the tabs of the shelf wobblers snap into. Although the wobbler is printed with what looks like two little pieces missing from the bottom of the tab near the neck, those "holes" are actually at the top of the tab once it's installed. They make it easy to install; and this is what allows the neck to swing freely while the tab holds the whole unit in place.

One thing to keep in mind is that, unless shelf wobblers are double-sided, their tabs will be white. Why? Because once the wobbler is bent over and installed, what you're actually seeing is the back of the tab. If you want your design, logo or special UPC to show, you'll need to have us print a double-sided wobbler.


Roughly 80% of our clients request double-stick adhesive tape on the tabs of their shelf wobblers. There are a couple reasons for this. For some, it's about the size of the wobbler; for others, it has more to do with where they'll be hanging. By looking at the reasons to use tape, you can decide if it's right for you.

With Double-Stick Tape on Tab
Dilco shelf wobbler tab with double-stick adhesive tape.
Without Tape on Tab
Dilco shelf wobbler tab with double-stick adhesive tape.

An important thing to keep in mind is that our shelf wobblers aren't made like other printers'. They're comprised of more than a neck with a little sticker on the end; or worse, a multi-part menagerie of pieces to assemble. Nope, ours are printed flat as a single unit with a tab at the end of the neck, and have relief holes on the tab to facilitate insertion. That means you don't need tape to snap them neatly and firmly into the channel. So why would anyone want tape? A more pointed question might be, "Why do so many people insist on tape?"


Depending on the size of your shelf wobbler, tape can add stability. By sticking the tab into the channel with tape, the wobbler is less likely to pull out when it's bumped by shoppers and store personnel doing the stocking. This is especially true if you are using a heavier 5 or 6” shelf wobbler. Tape just keeps it stuck. Plain and simple. Rather than bowing out a bit, the tab will lie flush with the surface of the channel. This makes it virtually impossible to accidentally pull down.


Another reason for the tape is the shelf wobbler's location. If it will be hung from a shelf edge with no channel it needs tape to, well, stick. Tape ensures that the wobbler can be used regardless of the store's shelving configuration. It can be stuck to the shelf's edge or under the shelf. Shelf wobblers can even be stuck to the wall above the product if need be. Lastly, not everyone uses their shelf wobblers on actual shelves. For promotions, one of our clients uses tape to stick his wobblers directly onto slot machines. By using adhesive on the tab he can still save money with our stock dies and ensure that the wobbler will work for his purpose.


This is as good a place as any to address the question, "Why not use paper instead of vinyl; aren't they cheaper?" Yeah, paper's cheaper, but it just doesn't work. And yes, there are companies out there who make cheap shelf wobblers from laminated card stock. We don't. Paper can't compete with vinyl. Vinyl's superior construction properties ensure that your shelf wobbler won't collapse like a paper one. Once the neck of a paper wobbler is creased, it will never stand up again. There's just no comparison between paper and vinyl. Okay, dead horse officially beaten.