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Cooler Clings and Freezer Cling Decals Custom Printed on Vinyl

Cooler clings are custom printed vinyl decals that stick to refrigerated glass doors in grocery stores, deli cases, supermarkets, c-stores, and drug stores. They are either 4-color process digitally printed or spot-color screen printed on low-tack vinyl. They're the perfect form of in-store advertising to draw attention to your product. And when a custom can see that product through the glass doors, the cooler cling is just the consumer catnip to get the product out of the cooler and into a shopper's cart.

Remember, the point-of-purchase isn't at the cash register; it's actually right in front of the refrigerated section where customers make the decision to reach in and grab the product. This makes cooler clings an excellent form of marketing in retail stores to promote a new product, or as a call-to-action with special promotions.

In-store marketing has always been a very effective tool in advertising. Consumers are already there to make purchases. And the brand they choose is often dictated by the promotional signage right there, where the product is. Think of it this way: clings are to coolers what talkers are to shelves. They're inexpensive yet very efficient at making the consumer choose your product over your competitor's.


Using a double-sided cooler or freezer cling is a great way to accomplish two things at the same time. In this 2-sided cling for Nestlé, the front side is used to let shoppers know the prices of individual ice creams. The back side of the freezer cling is for stocking. It shows how each product should be stacked (with premium ice creams on top shelves). It's also important to note that they show this stocking information with full-color images rather than words. This accomplishes several things: a) It removes any possible language barriers with store personnel, and b) speeds up the process (a picture really is worth a thousand words). The same full-color attention to detail is evident on the back of this freezer cling, as the consumer will see it as well when the freezer door is opened.

Nestlé used one of our free cooler cling templates to produce this 4" x 6" decal. It was 4/4-color process printed on low-tack vinyl; and can easily be removed when pricing and/or products change.

Double-Sided Freezer Cling Printed by Dilco for Nestlé with Pricing on the Front and Stocking Info on the Back.
Nestlé® shows their price list on the front of this custom printed double-sided low-tack vinyl freezer cling; with full-color image information for stockers on back.


By adding a white price box, shown in the cooler clings below, store personnel can fill in the price before affixing the decal to the cooler door. This works especially well when the store sets the pricing or is the one making the special offer.

Cooler Cling Printed by Dilco on Vinyl for Invigorade with Price Box.
Nawgan® adds a white box to their printed cooler cling for store managers to fill in the pricing information.


Custom printed cooler clings and freezer cling decals are one of the best ways, not only to promote a product, but to introduce a new product. Whether it's a new size, new flavor, or new product altogether, cling decals let the consumer know about it before they even open the cooler door. Take a look at the Aloe Gloe® cling below. They used it to promote their new Tumeric flavor.

Cooler Cling Printed by Dilco to Promote a New Product.
Aloe Gloe® announces their new flavor, Tumeric, with this cooler cling decal Dilco printed on low-tack vinyl. This decal is printed from our 7x5 cooler cling template.


Want to add one more surefire way to stand out from the competition? Have your cooler cling decal custom die cut. If there are several clings on the doors, the custom die cut one is sure to garner the attention. The cling decal below was cut into a circle shape, but we can contour-cut cooler clings and freezer clings into any shape or size.

Round Cooler Cling Printed by Dilco for MegaFood
This 4x4 round cooler cling was custom die cut for MegaFood® to stand out from all the square cling decals on the cooler's glass doors.


Given that either substrate is about the same price, choosing one over the other is a personal preference. That said, there are advantages to either vinyl for your cooler cling decals. For instance, since 8 mil static cling vinyl is thicker than low-tack, it's a little easier to apply and can be repositioned. A lot. This is something to keep in mind if you think you'll be moving the product to another shelf or another cooler.

On the other hand, 4 mil low-tack vinyl is often the better option because it tends to stay put a little better. The great thing about low-tack is that it can easily be removed with no residue once the promotion or campaign is over. If you choose low-tack, it will come with a crack & peel slit liner on the back.

We offer both options, so the choice is yours. The cooler cling samples we show by clicking the button at the top of this page are low-tack only. To view samples of static cling cooler decals, please visit our static cling vinyl decals page. If you're not sure which type will work best for your clings, or if you just want more information on Cooler Clings or Freezer Clings, please call Dilco at (714) 998-5266 or fill out our free quote form.