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Counter cards are also known as easel-backs or tabletop easel signs. And they're definitely having a moment now! Although Dilco has printed them for decades, they've become very popular in the last few years. Custom printed easel-back counter cards are simple and cost-effective for marketing your product. They're compact signage that can be placed on any counter or table near your product or as a point-of-purchase display. We make them in various sizes and substrates, depending on where they'll be used; and include heavy duty double-wing easels on the back.


In addition to providing some of the sharpest, brightest, cleanest printing in the marketing industry, we go one step further to ensure the best counter cards available: the easel. Doesn't matter how beautiful your sign is if it falls over. That's why we make our own custom easels; and we make them out of heavy-weight rigid 48 pt. card stock. They're also double-winged, ensuring they do their job as your counter card's kickstand. Easels are custom die cut and affixed with commercial double-stick tape by Dilco prior to shipping. We pay attention to the details. And it shows in everything we make.


Although they can be placed nearly anywhere, these are some of the most effective places to put counter cards.

  • POP Counters Near Register
    • Convenience Stores: promote a new product or time-sensitive offer
    • Service Departments: boost sales with add-on offers
  • Near Product Promotion Displays
    • Makeup Counters: Promote advantages of unique ingredients with pictures
    • Drug Store End Caps: Introduce seasonal campaign (cold remedies, nail polish colors)
    • Stereo Stores: Market the latest stereo components and technology
    • Shoe Stores: Advertise sales or detail the advantages of a particular style
    • Beauty Supply Stores: 2 for 1 offer of your brand
  • Informational Displays
    • Trade Show Tables: Advertise show special with call-to-action
    • Dermatology Offices: Use "before" and "after" pictures to promote product or procedure
    • Waiting Rooms: Captive audience; need we say more?
  • As Menus
    • Juice and Smoothie Bars: Seasonal fruit specials
    • Restaurants: Menus, drink specials, happy hour hors d'oeuvres
    • Pizza Parlors: Combo specials, beer and pizza specials
    • Ice Cream Shops: New flavors; new low-fat options
  • Automotive Service Centers
    • Warranty Extension Offers
    • Maintenance Reminders
    • Advertise accessories for their vehicle


Now that you get the idea of where to use counter cards, you can probably think of about 100 more uses that would make your marketing campaign or promotion stand out. The reason they work so well is that they're so simple. Not only will Dilco print your counter card, we'll attach the double-wing easel to the back. All you need to do is pop them open and stand them up on a tabletop or counter. There's nothing to attach or affix; counter cards are stand-alone signage. They're effective because they are either the last thing a shopper sees at your display or the at the register. In other words, they're right there, front and center, at the point of purchase.


Since easel-back counter cards are, well, in your face, the printing has to be pigment-rich, vibrant, and tack-sharp. It has to be photo-realistic quality whether you're depicting a woman's face, makeup color, food or car parts. Remember, your customer is thisclose to the sign. That's why Dilco invests in the newest printing technology and equipment. Our product is on the line because yours is. We never forget that.


Ever seen a counter card fall over? Could be a gust of wind when a C-store door is opened. Maybe when a shopper bumps it reaching for a makeup sample. Seen one that's dog-eared because it fell over before? That means their printer cheaped out with a substrate that was too weak/light to handle the job; or used a single easel where they needed a double. There's really no excuse for this. At Dilco we don't print counter cards on any stock lighter than 24 or 48 point, or less than 3mm Sintra® or Komatex® expanded PVC. And we only use double-wing easel backs. This ensures the proper rigidity and weight to keep your counter card upright and stable in high-traffic areas.


Not sure what size you need or which substrate will handle the job? Don't worry; we got this. You can either use one of our handy templates on the pricing page, or upload your artwork directly to us. Tell us what you want, how many, and where they'll be used, and we'll let you know which easel-back counter card will work best. We offer stock sizes in 5x7, 8.5x11, and 11x14. They can either be used portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal). We can even custom die cut special sizes or contours to make your counter card really unique.

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