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Pictures of Double-Sided Aisle Blades and Shelf Blades

There's a reason these guys are so popular. Have a look at the aisle blade pictures below and you'll understand why. They show both the front and back of each double sided blade; some have the same image, some have separate messages depending on whether the consumer is coming or going. In the description below each image, we'll tell you the size, how it was printed and who we printed them for. You can even find the substrates they were printed on; vinyl or styrene. While you're browsing, take away some design ideas for your next promotion or campaign.

Custom Die Cut Aisle Blades printed by Dilco on Vinyl for KeVita
Custom Die Cut Aisle Blades
4.35" x 10.5" 4/4-color process
printed on 15 mil vinyl
custom die cut

Double-sided Aisle Blades Printed by Dilco on Styrene
Printed Styrene Aisle Blades
6" x 30" 4/4-color process
on 40 mil rigid white styrene

2-Sided Aisle Blade Printed by Dilco on Vinyl
3.75" x 14" Double Sided Aisle Blade
made for Disney® Baby and Baby Ecos®
4/4-color process printed on 15 mil white vinyl
and custom die cut

5x12 Double-Sided Aisle Blade Digitally Printed by Dilco on Vinyl
5" x 12" Vinyl Aisle Blades
QuickChek® and Nabisco®
4/4-color process digitally printed
on 20 mil rigid vinyl
with customer-supplied shelf clips

Shelf Blades Printed by Dilco on Vinyl
Custom Printed Shelf Blades
Red Barn Naturals®
4.75" x 12.6" 4/4-color process
UV offset printed + UV clear
on 15 mil gloss white vinyl
custom die cut with plastic shelf clips