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Lexan Label and Control Panel Overlay Samples

Pictures of Lexan Polycarbonate Labels, Control Panel Overlays, Instrument Panel Nameplates and Polyester Decals

The samples below show the Lexan® polycarbonate labels, control panel overlays, and industrial nameplates we specialize in; and their use on commercial appliances, machinery, and outdoor controls. All were subsurface printed on 8, 10, or 15 mil velvet matte or gloss polycarbonate or polyester. We have also included a couple of the Lexan label and panel sets we print for the California State Lottery® and Washington State Lottery® machines. Below each image are the details as to printing methods, substrates used, size, and adhesives; as well as the number of cutouts and windows; and how the labels and overlays were used on industrial equipment and retail machines.


Lexan polycarbonate overlay label for Criticare nameplate with die cut holes for controls; and Heart Monitor Machine with Dilco's screen printed Lexan nameplate on it when in-use.
Screen Printed Lexan Control Overlay
Criticare® Systems, Inc.
13" x 3.3" custom printed 3 spot colors
10 mil velvet matte Lexan with high-tack adhesive

Lexan Polycarbonate Instrument Nameplate for Outdoor Use printed by Dilco with Cutout Windows
Lexan Nameplate with Cutouts
2.74" x 3.72"
screen printed 6 colors + 2x white
on 10 mil gloss #HP12W for outdoor use
2 adhesive-free windows for LEDs
custom die cut

Lexan Control Panel Overlay Nameplate with High-Tack Adhesive printed by Dilco for Envipco
Lexan Control Panel Overlay Nameplate
subsurface 4-color process printed
on 10 mil #8B35 clear velvet matte Lexan
with high-tack adhesive
custom die cut to 38.220" x 31.925"
with die cut windows

Lexan Label Subsurface Screen Printed by Dilco for WRDspider
Lexan Label Subsurface Screen Printed
subsurface screen printed + white
on #8B35 clear velvet matte Lexan
with high-tack adhesive
custom die cut 3.625" diameter

Lexan overlay label custom printed for CMA Swash dishwasher with die cut windows
Lexan Control Panel Overlay
22.63" x 1.63"
4-color process + white digitally printed
10 mil velvet matte Lexan 8B35
transluscent black "windows" for control read-outs
high-tack adhesive

Polycarbonate Control Panel Overlays screen printed by Dilco for Futek, including die cut holes and adhesive.
Screen Printed Lexan Polycarbonate Instrument Panel Overlay
Futek V Cal
5.35" x 1.3" custom printed 3 colors + white
with custom die cut holes and windows for controls
10 mil velvet matte Lexan &


Lexan control panel nameplate overlay we printed and die cut for Enable-IT
Printed Lexan Nameplate
4.3519" x 1.58563" with .125" radius corners
screen printed 2 colors + white
on 15 mil Lexan polycarbonate

Custom die cut 5.5 inches by 6.5 inches Lexan label subsurface printed by Dilco for RK2
Custom Die Cut Lexan Label
RK2 Systems
5.5" x 6.5"
6-color subsurface printed
on 10 mil matte|matte Lexan
spot UV on logo & controls
high-tack adhesive


Instrument Panel Overlay Printed on Polyester by Dilco for Imperial Commerical Oven
Polyester Instrument Panel Overlay
Imperial® Commerical Oven
4" x 20" custom die cut
2-color subsurface screen printed
plus transparent red
on 8 mil velvet gloss polyester
high-tack adhesive
with control switch windows
embossed buttons