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Pictures of Double-Sided Shelf Wobblers, Talkers, Screamers and Danglers

Look what you can do with double-sided shelf wobblers! We've assembled a variety to show you all the things you can do with them. For instance, did you know wobblers can be reversible? Some companies print different messages on the front and back of the wobbler, some print a different language on the front and back. A lot of companies have us print both sides of the neck and tab so that it isn't white when it's snapped the channel on a shelf edge.

These samples were either custom die cut or made from our free templates. Unless otherwise noted, they include Dilco® Clipfree® tabs (no kits, no clips, no assembly!). They were also all 4-color process custom printed on 10 mil vinyl for rigidity and durability.

Double-sided shelf wobbler printing by Dilco for HomeBrew, custom die cut
2-Sided Custom Die Cut Shelf Wobbler
4/4-cp CMYK custom printed
on 10 mil white vinyl
taped Dilco® Clipfree® tab

Double-sided shelf wobbler printed by Dilco for Nutraleaf from 4 inch round template
Double-Sided Shelf Wobbler
1 of a series of 5 wobblers
4/4-color process printed
on 10 mil vinyl
custom die cut
with taped Clipfree® tab

Double-Sided Shelf Wobbler 5.5x3.75 Printing by Dilco for Break a Bale
Double-Sided Shelf Wobblers
Break a Bale®
from 5.5" x 3.75" template
4/4-color process printed
on 10 mil white vinyl
tape on Clipfree® tab

Double-Sided Shelf Wobbler Printed and Custom Die Cut by Dilco for Mission Foods
Reversible Shelf Wobbler
Mission Foods®
5.5" x 3.875" custom die cut
4/4-color process printed
on 10 mil white vinyl
double-stick tape on Clipfree® tab


Double-Sided Shelf Wobbler and Shelf Strip Combination Printing by Dilco for Icelandic
Wobbler/Shelf Strip Combo
one-piece 4x3 wobbler with 6" shelf strip
printed 4/4-color on 10 mil white vinyl

We have more One-Piece Double-Sided Shelf Wobbler/Shelf Strip Combinations on our Info Page.