Custom Printing and Finishing Services

Printing Methods, Substrates, Finishing and Shipping Services

Attention to detail is the foundation of Dilco's® success in the printing industry. We understand that your hang tags, cooler clings, shelf wobblers, case cards, and signs are your brand. They are the silent sales rep for your company and your products. Since 1974 we have been the one place companies can go for all of their custom printing needs. Whether you're a large company or a startup, a broker or another printer, we provide the same level of service, precision, quality printing, and on-time delivery. We even offer 3rd party drop shipments.


At Dilco, we pride ourselves in using the newest and most eco-friendly printing processes available. Deciding which type of process to use for your project is where our decades of experience really pays off. Depending on the size of your job, the location of where the product will be used, length of promotion, and in some cases what it will be adhered to, allows us to determine the best method for you and your end-users.

We specialize in the following print processes:

  • UV Ink Digital Printing
  • Toner-Based Digital Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • UV Offset Printing


In recent years we invested over a half of a million dollars in eco-friendly digital printing equipment, including our MGI Meteor DP8700 XL, "The most versatile digital press in the global graphics market."

Dilco's new digital printer, the MGI DP8700 XL.

What's so cool about it?

  • It prints on the widest range of substrates
  • The largest sheet size among production sheet-fed digital presses
    • Up to 40" in production
  • Laser-safe prints via oil-free, dry toner
  • Print resolution of 3600dpi/270lpi
    • Sharper, more colorful graphics
    • Much faster print time

The newest addition to the Dilco family of printers is our Fujifilm® Acuity Select 26 wide format 48" x 96" UV flatbed printer. It prints CMYK + white UV ink. And it does so in an eco-friendly manner, creating no VOCs. But that's not all it does.

A picture of our EFI Rastek T1000 digital printer.

Compared to the UV flatbed printer it's replacing:

  • The Acuity prints sharper 1200 DPI
  • It's twice as fast
  • It prints 220 square feet an hour
  • It also prints a thinner ink deposit
    • Brighter colors
    • Sharper images
  • Uses green technology


In addition to being the industry leader in quality printing at competitive pricing, we also offer a myriad of specialty printing, including:

  • Variable Data Sequential Numbering
  • Barcoding
  • Dilco® Clipfree® Signage that Requires No Clips for
    • Shelf Wobblers
    • Double-Sided Shelf Wobblers
    • Double-Sided Aisle Violators
  • Barrier | Block-Out Film for 2-Sided Printing
  • Signature Ink for Hand-Writing in Pricing
  • Printing on Magnets
  • Mirrored Printing
  • Double-Sided Printing
  • Multi-Sign Multi-Substrate Displays
  • Backlit Panel Printing
  • Adhesive-Free Lexan Windows
  • Multi-Substrate Hang Tags
  • Multi-Color Thermal Die Cut | Plotter Cut Letters and Logos


Just like the processes we use, the material (substrate) chosen can make or break your job. Use a product outdoors that's meant for indoor use and it will fail. Likewise, using card stock for items like shelf wobblers is asking for trouble; the neck will break rather than bend causing the wobbler to fail. So, how do we choose which substrate is right for you? The simple answer is, it depends. On a lot of factors. That's why we ask a lot of questions at Dilco.

  • What do you need?
  • What is the product being used for?
  • Will it be displayed indoors or outside?
  • Will it be in a cooler or on a store shelf?
  • Do you need a little or a lot?
  • Do you need a template or will it be custom die cut?

Below is a list of some of the substrates we print on for everything from shelf signage and cooler clings to decals, wine case cards, and bottle neckers:

  • 4 mil White Vinyl
  • 4 mil White Removable Vinyl
  • 4 mil White Low-Tack Vinyl
  • 4 mil White High-Tack Vinyl
  • 4 mil Clear Vinyl
  • 4 mil Chrome Vinyl with High-Tack Adhesive
  • 10 mil Matte White Vinyl
  • 15 mil Matte White Vinyl
  • 8 mil White Static Cling Vinyl
  • 8 mil Clear Static Cling Vinyl
  • 2 mil Chrome Silver Mylar® Polyester
  • 2 mil Matte Silver Mylar Polyester
  • 2 mil Brushed Silver Mylar Polyester
  • 2 mil Shiny Gold Mylar Polyester
  • 2 mil White Mylar Polyester
  • 2 mil Clear Mylar Polyester
  • 7 mil Velvet Lexan® Polycarbonate
  • 10 mil Velvet Lexan Polycarbonate
  • 15 mil Velvet Lexan Polycarbonate
  • 20 mil Velvet Lexan Polycarbonate
  • 10 mil Clear Gloss Lexan Polycarbonate
  • 15 mil Clear Gloss Lexan Polycarbonate
  • 7 mil Marnot® Scratch-Resistant Polycarbonate
  • 10 mil Gloss White Vinyl
  • 15 mil Gloss White Vinyl
  • 20 mil Gloss White Vinyl
  • 10 mil Matte White Vinyl
  • 15 mil Matte White Vinyl
  • 20 mil Matte White Vinyl
  • 2mm Komatex® | Sintra® Expanded PVC
  • 3mm Komatex | Sintra Expanded PVC
  • 6mm Komatex | Sintra Expanded PVC
  • 10 mil White Styrene
  • 20 mil White Styrene
  • 30 mil White Styrene
  • 40 mil White Styrene
  • 60 mil White Styrene
  • 1/8" White Styrene
  • 10 pt Card Stock
  • 12 pt Card Stock
  • 14 pt Card Stock
  • 24 pt Card Stock
  • 48 pt Card Stock
  • 4 mil White Coroplast® Corrugated Plastic
  • 1.5mm E Flute Corrugated EcoBoard
  • Magnetic Sheeting


Before your printing project gets off the ground we offer tools to get you started.


The way your project is finished is as important as the steps taken to ensure the printing is spot on. The reason so many companies trust Dilco to make their signage, clings and decals, is that we put as much care into the details that make your POP product work. We make it stand out (sometimes literally) from your competition on the shelves, windows, or cooler doors. Some of the services we include are:

  • Custom Die Cutting
  • Scoring
  • Kiss-Cutting
  • Label and Decal Doming
  • Taping for Clipfree® Tabs on Shelf Wobblers, Talkers and Aisle Violators
  • Weeding (Removing Unwanted Vinyl from Between Letters and Around Edges)
  • Stringing Hangtags
  • Grommets and Eyelets
  • Complex Sticker Hangtags
  • Double-Sided and Complex-Cut Bottle Neckers
  • Scuff-Resistant Laminates (Machinery Nameplates)
  • Slip-Resistant Laminates (Floor Graphics)
  • UV Gloss Laminates
  • Crack-and-Peel Liners
    • Low-Tack Vinyl Decals
    • Single-Sided Window Clings
    • Low-Tack Cooler Clings
  • Velcro® Taping
  • Collating
  • Assembly

In addition to greener printing practices, we also recycle all of our shipping boxes and pallets. And we don't use shipping peanuts! It's not just an evironmentally sound; it's also much cleaner. Think about it. The only way to get rid of peanuts is to ship them to someone else (once you get them un-stuck from your order, arms and clothing). Nope. We use those little air pillows that make the world a cleaner place.


Your finished products can be bagged individually or in quantities up to 100. We will also include custom bag labeling for inventory purposes and product identification. Read that sentence again. Really. We not only go the extra step in the quality of our printing and finishing, we will also work with you to meet your individual shipping requirements.

After your POP products are bagged and labeled they'll be conveniently boxed and on their way to their final destination. Boxes are marked with your purchase order number, part number and quantity. If you have size or weight limitations for each box, just let us know and we'll take care of it.

Do you need discrete third-party shipments? Not a problem. We can ship UPS® or FedEx® on your account number with your return address. We'll also be happy to use your specified carrier if you prefer. Don't worry about Dilco labels or any other identifying markers on your boxes; we'll leave them off your third-party shipment. Promise.


Stuck on a project? Need a hand? Give us a call. With all the equipment we have and over 40 years of know-how, we're happy to help.

A growing segment of the work we do is for printers who have begun jobs that they cannot finish. Sometimes they just don't have the proper equipment to take the project to completion. And sometimes they don't have the experience to know which substrates and printing methods to use to withstand the environment where the product will be displayed. In these types of cases, we work with you to either remake or finish the project.

Similarly, the majority of the work we do for large corporations is done through print brokers. Our growth in the marketplace has been due, in large part, to working with brokers to make you and your end-user happy. Our relationships are the hallmark of our mutual success. Give us a call to chat about your next project, get a quote, or just stop in and visit when you're in the Orange County area.

Okay, mic officially dropped.