C-Store Dispenser Signage

Custom Printed Signs and Decals for Convenience Store Countertop Dispensers and Coolers

Convenience stores (C-stores) are more than a quick stop to pick up a candy bar. They are now a force to be reckoned with in the foodservice industry. With the growing popularity of health-conscious foods and drinks comes the need for signage for the countertop dispensers and coolers that deliver those foods and drinks. That's were Dilco comes in. Below are a couple examples of the type of high-quality POP signage we custom print for C-stores.


These vinyl soup dispenser signs we printed for Marukome® are double-sided, which makes changing the signs a snap. A literal snap. See those little nubs protruding from the sides and top of the signs? Those are to snap into the dispenser. The countertop soup dispenser signs measure 9" x 8" and were 4/4-color process digitally printed on 10 mil gloss white vinyl with a 3 mil semi-gloss laminate. Because they snap in and are double-sided, there was no adhesive added to the signs. They were custom die cut to the exact measurements and contour of the dispensing machines.

Custom printed double-sided soup dispenser signs printed by Dilco for Marukome
Double-Sided Retail Soup Dispenser Signs Printed by Dilco for Marukome with Custom Die Cut Edges to Snap into Countertop Machines in C-Stores


Rather than a wrap, we printed vinyl countertop cooler decals for Invigorade®. Each of the two 18.375" x 34.625" labels (for the left and right sides of the cooler) were 4-color process printed on 4 mil white removable vinyl with gloss laminate. We also printed an 18.75" x 7.125" backlit header sign on 7 mil clear Duratrans® translite.

Vinyl Countertop Cooler Labels and Printed Translite Header by Dilco for Invigorade
Custom Printed Vinyl Labels on the Left and Right, and a Printed Translite Backlit Header Sign for Invigorade's C-Store Countertop Cooler

In addition to dispenser signage and cooler decals and header signs, we also print counter change mats, floor decals and case cards for use in convenience stores. If you'd like more information, you can give us a call at (714) 998-5266, fill out Dilco's complimentary quote form, or upload your sign artwork, and we'll get you a price.