Table Tents

Custom Printed Double-Sided Table Tents with Interlocking Flaps

Table tents are one of the most flexible and cost-effective ways to promote specials, increase brand awareness, and deliver information. Because they are lightweight and stand on their own, they can be used virtually anywhere. Custom printing and die cutting to your specifications is what we specialize in at Dilco; for the size that meets your need in full-color. We offer both matte and gloss finishes and include score lines for easy folding and interlocking pieces at the bottom of the table tent for quick assembly.

It should be noted that table tents are not meant to last an indefinite amount of time. For longer campaigns or heavier traffic areas, our easel-back counter cards might be a better option.


The double-sided table tents below were 4/4-color process digitally printed on 12 pt. card stock for Hint® Water on 12 pt. card stock. Printed and shipped flat, they include 3 score lines and die cut flaps that interlock to hold together without the need for any adhesives. Because the bottom pieces overlap each other, they also provide a little extra weight to keep the table tents upright.

Double-Sided Table Tents Printed by Dilco for Hint Water
5" x 5.5" Full-Color Double-Sided Table Tents Printed on Card Stock for Hint Fruit Infused Sparkling Water


These bar/restaurant table tents were also digitally printed, but on 14 pt. card stock so they're a little weightier; not a bad idea for heavy traffic areas like bar tabletops. We made these for Agave Underground® tequila. When folded, these table tent cards measure 4" x 6".

Table Tent for Bar or Restaurant Printed by Dilco for Agave Underground
Perfect for a Bar or Restaurant, these Table Tents were Printed on 14 pt. Card Stock to Endure the Heavy Traffic Area of Bar Tabletops


Who says table tents are just for bars and health food stores? These Loudmouth Burritos® tents are for countertops at convenience stores. By having signage (yep, a table tent is definitely considered signage) right at the point of sale, consumers are reminded to check out the cooler and freezer sections. And, at 6" x 7", they can't exactly miss them.

Printed Table Tents for C-Stores by Dilco for Loudmouth Burritos
Convenience Store Double-Sided Table Tent for Loudmouth Burritos Sits on the Countertop Right Next to the Point-of-Sale


Make the most of your table tent marketing with different images and messages on each side! In this full-color printed table tent for Ounce Water™, the picture of the product with a simple tagline takes up most of the 4" x 6" message area on the front. But the back is where new customers can learn how Ounce Water is simplifying their lifestyle. Consider using separate messages on your next table tent to get even more from your marketing.

Table Tent with Separate Messages on Front and Back Printed by Dilco for Ounce Water
Table Tents for Ounce Water with Different Messages on the Front and Back


Since our table tents are custom printed, they can be made in any size that works for you. That said, 5" x 7" is a great size for display on store countertops or even small tables in restaurants and pubs. The table tents below were printed on 14 pt. C1S card stock for Aloe Gloe® organic aloe water (f you get the chance, read why they started making water with aloe vera in it from their website).

5x7 Table Tents Custom Printed on Card Stock by Dilco for This Bar Saves Lives
5x7 Table Tents Custom Printed on Card Stock for This Bar Saves Lives Displayed in Health Food and Grocery Stores

Now that you've seen some samples of the table tents we make, here's a few places you might consider using them:

  • Restaurants
    • Dinner Specials
    • New Menu Items
    • Limited Time Offering
  • Bars and Pubs
    • Drink Specials
    • Happy Hour Menu
    • Beers on Tap
    • Liquor Branding
  • Banks
    • Rate Specials
    • Refi Options
  • Trade Shows
    • Convention Specials
    • Upcoming Events
  • C-Stores and Health Stores
    • Specialty Waters
    • Snack Food Branding
    • New Beverages
    • New Supplements
  • Book Stores
    • New Book or Author
    • Bestseller
    • Book Signing Event
  • Hotels
    • TV Programming
    • Local Sights and Shops
    • Room Service Specials

If you'd like more information on Dilco® double-sided full-color printed card stock table tents, there are several ways you can reach us. If it's during our normal business hours, you can give us a call at (714) 998-5266, or email us. You can also send in your art filesor fill out our free quote formafter hours.