Vinyl Menu Flavor Strips

Double-Sided Custom Printed Changeable Menu Flavor Strips for Retail Ice Cream Service

These vinyl menu strips are unlike our shelf strips or magnetic menu strips. They are primarily used in ice cream parlors (we make them for Dreyer's®/Edy's® and Baskin Robbins®). Most are also double-sided. That's so the server can read the flavor from their side while scooping up the incredible creamy dreamy decadent... sorry, went somewhere else there for a minute. Another difference from standard shelf strips is that they are custom-sized to fit into the stores' menu strip holders. Printed on 10 mil matte opaque white vinyl, they simply slip into—and out of— the holders when the flavor changes. For Edy's we make 4/1-color process digitally printed flavor strips; for Baskin Robbins the freezer menu strips are screen printed. We also make custom menu strip overlays for Baskin Robbins. Check out how they're made toward the bottom of the page!


The double-sided freezer menu strips below were 4/1-color digitally printed for Edy's Ice Cream Stores. Because they have two sides, they were printed on 10 mil white opaque vinyl. It's thin enough to fit into their flavor strip channels, yet thick enough to remain opaque so you can't see through to the printing on the other side. Durable rigid 10 mil vinyl also means it will stand up well to the harsh temperatures of a freezer section. These are 34 varieties of the flavor strips we printed for Edy's, including what the back side looks like. This is probably a good time to note that the server-side doesn't need to be as colorful as the consumer-side; just readable.

Double-Sided Vinyl Menu Flavor Strips Printed by Dilco for Edy's
4" x 1.3" Double-Sided Vinyl Menu Flavor Strips for 34 Varieties of Edy's Ice Creams Showing the Full-Color Consumer Fronts and Single-Color Server-Side Backs


Unlike the previous example, these flavor strips for Baskin Robbins are for the Grab-N-Go freezer section where they sell prepacked quarts. Because there is no server side, these are single-sided. They are also screen printed one color (Baskin Robbins' signature pink). They are closer in form and function to our shelf strips, but are customized to fit the height of BR's channels. The following are two "Limited Time" freezer flavor strips.

Vinyl Freezer Flavor Strips Printed by Dilco for Baskin Robbins
4" x 1.125" Vinyl Flavor Strips for Baskin Robbins' Grab-N-Go Freezers


These freezer flavor strip overlays are one of the more interesting things we print for Baskin Robbins. Each measures 6.53" x 2.6" to snap over traditional 2-sided menu flavor strips. They are screen printed 1 color (pink) + white on the front; and 1 color (blue) + white on the back. The substrate is 10 mil clear vinyl so you can see the flavor strip through the overlay. The printing has to have spot-on registration, and the custom die cutting also has to be perfect in order to produce the desired effect; the tip of spoon slides in front, with the remainder of the overlay behind the existing menu flavor strip.

The first image below is the original double-sided vinyl menu flavor strips for Baskin Robbins. The colorful side of the strip faces the consumer-side, with the blue side facing the server.

Double-Sided Baskin Robbins Flavor Strips Before Overlays
Original Double-Sided Vinyl Flavor Strips Before Overlays are Added

Because the Flavor of the Month (FOM) has a limited time, using overlays is more cost-effective than reprinting flavor strips for thousands of franchises each month. Bonus: these overlays can be reused as the FOM changes. And, since the overlays are transparent (I just added the gray outline so you can see them against our white background), only the spoon with the words "Flavor of the Month" is seen. They are custom die cut, not only into the shape of the original flavor strips, but also at the bottom of the spoon. That is the part that snaps over the flavor strip to hold them in place; and also looks like the spoon is digging into the ice cream. Each overlay measures 6.53" x 2.6" and was screen printed on 10 mil clear vinyl.

Clear Vinyl Overlays Screen Printed by Dilco for Baskin Robbins Flavor Strips
Flavor Menu Strip Overlays Screen Printed on Clear Vinyl

And this is what the menu strips look like when the overlays are snapped over them. Sweet, right? And they're a piece of cake to snap together (sorry, I can almost never resist a pun—even a bad one). Once they're all snapped together they slide nicely into BR's freezer channels. Take a look next time you're getting a cone!

Screen Printed Overlays Snapped Over Baskin Robbins' Menu Flavor Strips
Screen Printed Clear Vinyl Overlays Snapped Over Baskin Robbins' Menu Flavor Strips

If you'd like to know more about custom menu strips, flavor strips, or menu strip overlays, call at (714) 998-5266, fill out our free quote form, or send in your artwork to get started.