Trade Show Marketing Materials

Custom Printed Handouts, Giveaways, and Brochures for Trade Shows and Expositions

Trade show marketing materials can include everything from custom printed brochures touting a new product, to double-sided card stock handouts promoting your brand, to printed synthetic paper key fobs, like the ones we printed for Toyota®. Essentially, they're giveaways that buyers, sales reps, and consumers can take home. There are a lot of vendors at any given trade show; make sure your product stands out and is remembered by the quality of printing and finishing on your materials. It could make the difference between a buy or a pass.


The custom printed multi-page brochures we made for Bugsy Brewing®'s Lytt® were handouts at a trade show to promote their line of premium malt beverages. Each set of double-sided pages were 4/4-color process digitally printed on a 17" x 11" sheet of 100 lb. book; and were then scored, folded and stapled by Dilco as part of our finishing services.

Front and Back Cover of Trade Show Marketing Brochure Printed by Dilco for Lytt
Front and Back Cover of Trade Show Marketing Brochure Custom Printed on Book for Bugsy Brewing Lytt

Inside Pages of Trade Show Marketing Brochure Printed by Dilco for Lytt
Inside Pages of Trade Show Brochure Printed, Cut, Collated, Scored, Folded and Stapled by Dilco for Lytt


The promotional handouts below were custom printed for KeVita® for food and beverage trade shows and expos. They are double-sided and measure 2" x 6". They were 4/4-color process printed for several reasons: We needed to be able to accurately reproduce the beautiful gradation from soft slate blue through various shades of green to the chartreuse color at the bottom of the giveaway. There are also a lot of images that needed photo-realistic pictures which is only achieved with full-color digital printing. These trade show marketing handouts were also custom die cut into the shape of KeVita's bottle (another branding opportunity), and finished with a high gloss UV coating on both sides. A gloss finish makes the colors appear even more vibrant and makes the 12 pt. card stock they're printed on more rigid and durable; perfect for a trade show freebie.

Double-Sided Trade Show Marketing Handout Printed by Dilco for KeVita
2-Sided Promotional Trade Show Marketing Handout Printed by Dilco for KeVita


Although, on face value, KeVita's handouts seem pretty low tech (brilliant ideas usually are), here's wherein the genius lies: They're interactive. Interactive card stock giveaways? Yep. They require the recipient to take a selfie and post it to Facebook or Instagram where a donation is then made on their behalf. This little trade show gem includes product promotion, brand reinforcement, social media interaction and altruism—all within the confines of a 2x6 handout.


These promotional marketing handouts from Toyota® do double-duty as advertising for their Key Finder fob and app, while at the same time serving as a "placeholder" on the potential consumer's key ring. In other words, if they haven't already bought the product and downloaded the app, it reminds them to. While this giveaway might be used at trade shows, it's predominantly used at dealerships when the customer brings their car in for service. It does twice the work here too by having the information for the service tech to quickly find the car; and by promoting their new product and app to that same customer.

Promotional Marketing Handout Printed on Synthetic Paper by Dilco for Toyota Key Finder
Double-Sided Synthetic Paper Key Fobs Printed for Toyota to Promote their Key Finder Product and App

This double-sided promotional handout was 4/1-color process printed on 10 mil synthetic paper. Synthetic paper is an environmentally-friendly choice since it is 100% recyclable. It also has a much longer life expectancy than paper and holds up to harsh environments (moisture, heavy handling). Lastly, these fobs were custom die cut into the shape of the product they're selling, and include a slit for the tie-down to go through and attach to the customer's key or key ring.


When your product is so well-known—such a brand juggernaut—what is often needed at a trade show is information. What makes this year's model different? That is the purpose of Toyota's trade show flyer. These 8.5" x 11" double-sided expo handouts were printed by Dilco on 12 pt C2S (coated on 2 sides) heavy paper, detailing the 2018 Camry's performance, fuel efficiency, and standard safety features.

Custom Printed Double-Sided Trade Show Flyers by Dilco for Toyota
Double-Sided 8.5" x 11" Printed Trade Show Flyers for Toyota Camry

Who doesn't like a freebie? For your next trade show or promotional campaign, we'll be happy to quote your custom printed handouts and giveaways. Just give us a call at (714) 998-5266 or Send Dilco your artwork and we'll work up a free custom quote (see, everyone really does love a freebie).