Magnetic Signs and Menu Strips

Retail Magnets for Automobiles, Grocery Stores and Menu Boards

Whether used for a point-of-purchase display, and auto dealership, or interchangeable strips on a menu board, magnetic signage may be just the solution for your retail needs. At Dilco, we specialize in full-color printing on magnetic substrates for a myriad of commercial uses. The sample pictures below show both square cut magnetic signs and custom die cut elaborate POP displays that were printed and, in some cases, assembled in our shop in Orange, California.


The magnetic wheel below was printed for Dole®, and consists of a 7" diameter bottom wheel, which was 4-color process digitally printed on 15 mil magnetic substrate. The top wheel measures 5.5" diameter and was also digitally printed, but on 15 mil vinyl. They were custom die cut with a hole in the center. Grommets—metal eyelets—supplied by Dilco were inserted into the center hole so the wheels could spin, revealing a different smoothie recipe using Dole products for each day of the week.

Magentic Sign 2-Piece Printed, Custom Die Cut, and Assembled by Dilco for Dole
This custom die cut Magnetic Pop Display for Dole is actually a 2-piece sign. The bottom wheel was printed on magnetic substrate, with the top printed on vinyl. A grommet holds both pieces together and allows the top wheel to spin.


Magnetic menu strips are a great way to introduce new items, offer package specials, or simply change prices without having to print entire new menu boards. Because the strips are magnetic, they're easily interchangeable by staff. The foregoing samples were printed for Just Food For Dogs kitchens. They range in size from 3.52" x .66" for their daily menu items and supplements to 3.52" x 1.76" for seasonal package offers.

Magentic Menu Strips Printed by Dilco for Just Food For Dogs
Menu Strip Magnets for Just Food For Dogs 4-color process digitally printed on 30 mil white magnetic material and square cut in 2 different sizes for their pet food stores/cafes.


When Lexus® and other automotive dealerships want to promote accessories and add-ons, magnetic auto signsare a perfect solution for the following reasons:

  • Because they're magnetic, they're temporary
  • Since they're not adhesive backed, they leave no residue when removed
  • With their graphics, they're easy for the consumer to understand at a glance
  • Magnetic signs are easy for personnel to use
Magentic Auto Sign Printing and Custom Die Cutting by Dilco for Lexus
Custom die cut Automotive Magnets for Lexus 4-color process digitally printed on 14 pt. white magnetic material, and then custom die cut to a finished size of 4" x 6".

Commercial Retail Magnets

We offer a full-range of commercial retail magnetized signage and menu board strips. Please be advised that we don't print one-offs, as set up, substrate materials and labor would make this cost-prohibitive. If you'd like more information on Retail Magnetic Printing, give us a call at (714) 998-5266 or fill out our free quote form.