Display Rack Signage

Custom Printed Signs for Display Racks and 3D Product Displays

Need specialty signs to fit into a display rack? Need 3-dimensional POP displays? You're in the right place. At Dilco®, we specialize in custom printing and die cutting for all your retail display needs. Full-color printed on Komatex® or Sintra® expanded PVC, our signs are second to none. Whether you need flat signs to fit perfectly into existing display racks, or elaborate 3D signage that serves as POP display as well as product packaging, we're your go-to printer. We've been doing this for over 40 years.

Printed Merchandising Solutions

The following examples show some of the types of specialized printing signage we've made for other companies, and how they were used in merchandising and trade shows. Although these POP displays were all printed on expanded PVC, we also print on vinyl, styrene and about a million other substrates. Not sure which works best for your project or campaign? Just give us the what, where, how and why of how you'll be using it and we'll steer you to the right material and printing process.


The display signs below were printed for Eagle Creek's® pack-it™ line. The 15.5" x 17.75" sign fits into the back of their pre-existing display which houses their product. It was 4-color process digitally printed on 3mm Komatex expanded PVC.

Display Rack Signs Printed by Dilco for Eagle Creek Pack-It
Full-Color Sign Provides the Backdrop for Eagle Creek's Pack-It Display Rack

We also print signage for Eagle Creek's Necessities line of display racks. Printed on Komatex, the following signs measure 4" x 3", 5" x 2.875", and 18.5" x 2.875". Like the foregoing sign, they were also 4-color process digitally printed and custom cut to fit into pre-existing rack slots.

Display Rack Signs Printed by Dilco for Eagle Creek Pack-It
Various Sizes of Signs Printed on Komatex for Eagle Creek's Retail POP Display Racks
Display Rack Signs Printed by Dilco for Eagle Creek Pack-It
Display Rack with Custom Printed Signs Installed


For companies like ExtremeMac™, we make custom printed POP display signs for their 3D packaging to be used at trade shows and in retail stores. What's interesting about it, is that the signs and packaging are integrated. This type of merchandising goes beyond making their product low-hanging fruit in inundated electronic environments; it also speaks to the product's quality.

Below are a few examples that we made for their Tango™ TRXD, Luna™ SST, and 3 in 1 Microdock products. Like Eagle Creek's, these signs were each 4-color process digitally printed on 3mm Komatex expanded PVC and custom die cut. The large signs go in back of the product on the display shelf, with the smaller signage adhered to the front of the "shelf".

3D POP Display Sign Set by Dilco for XtremeMac 3 in 1 Audio Dock
3D POP Display Signs: XtremeMac Micrododock in Display on Left, Shipped Flat on Right
Retail 3D Display Sign Set by Dilco for XtremeMac Luna
Komatex Signs that Make Up Retail 3D Display for Luna
Extra Large Signs by Dilco for XtremeMac Tango 3D Display
Extra Large—24" x 14" and 24" x 2.1" Respectively—Expanded PVC Signs for Tango Display

We're here to help with your display rack signage, whether complex or simple. If you'd like more information or a free quote, you can upload your rack dimensions, sketches, drawings, and your signage artwork directly to us, and we'll call you with any questions we have. You can also call Dilco directly at (714) 998-5266. If you're interested in other types of substrates, we also have a page devoted to custom sign printing.