Retail Vinyl Shelf Flags and Tags

Custom Printed Flags, Tags, and Pop Up Cards for Store Shelf Displays and End Caps

Shelf flags and tags include all the specialty printed POP signage that doesn't fall under the umbrella of wobblers, violators or shelf strips. They include customized sizes and shapes that hang off or pop up from store shelf edge channels. They also include vinyl signs that lie next to the product they're selling, like the ones we make for TrafficMaster® for display in Home Depot® stores; or the ones that stand vertically next to fishtanks at Petco®. In short, they're for all the shelf signs we make that don't fit into any other category. If you're looking for something non-standard in size, shape, functionality, or how it affixes to a retail shelf or display area, you're in the right place. Have a look to get inspiration for next project or find a solution for your marketing needs.


The 5 versions of double-sided shelf flags for Gefen® Foods below were 4/4-color process digitally printed on 10 mil vinyl. They were then custom die cut into 3" x 3.26" shapes to hang perpendicularly from retail shelf edges.

Double-Sided Shelf Flags Printed by Dilco on Vinyl and Custom Die Cut
5 Versions of Double-Sided Shelf Flags—Fronts on Top Row and Backs on Bottom—Printed on Vinyl to Hang Perpendicularly from Shelf Edges


These shelf tag pop up cards actually go in the cooler section of grocery stores. Because they're custom printed on vinyl, they stand up to cold temperatures and moisture. They're designed to snap into the bottom of shelf channels and stick up above the top of the shelf's edge. The 3 versions below were 4-color process printed on 10 mil vinyl and square cut to 4" x 3". We also added double-stick low-tack adhesive to the backs of the cooler pop up cards to hold them in place.

Cooler Tag Pop Up Cards Printed by Dilco on Vinyl for Olympiana
3 Versions of Shelf Channel Pop Up Tag Cards for Olympiana® to go in Retail Coolers


The 5 versions of shelf tags below are also known as product display cards. They were printed for TrafficMaster® to be displayed in The Home Depot stores. Some stores display the tags to the side of the product, while others adhere them to the edge of the shelf that the product is on. They were custom screen printed with either 4 or 5 spot colors (depending on the product) on 20 mil matte white vinyl. Each measures 13.75" x 4.25". They were then laminated with 2mm high-tack adhesive.

Shelf Tags or Product Display Cards Custom Printed by Dilco for TrafficMaster and Home Depot
5 Versions of Screen Printed Shelf Tag/Product Display Cards for TrafficMaster® to go in Home Depot Stores


These 4-color process printed shelf tag cards were printed for Petco® on 20 mil vinyl. They can either be placed into the bottom of store shelf channels or vertically in front of fishtanks that house their GloFish®. They were digitally printed and square cut to 4" x 2.5".

Shelf Tag Cards Full-Color Printed by Dilco for Petco GloFish
Full-Color Digitally Printed Vinyl Shelf Tag Cards for GloFish to be Vertically Mounted on Petco Retail Store Shelves

Need a custom solution to your marketing needs? That weird shape/odd function/not-sure-what-to-call-it product signage? We're your guy. Yeah, we may have made up a few names here ourselves but, just because no one knows what to call it, doesn't mean you don't need it. Even if you're not sure what you need, give us a call. We'll help you figure it out. Can't explain it? Send us your artwork so we can follow along. We'll tell you what will work best and even give you a custom quote—at no charge.