Full Color Decals


4 Color Process Decals, CMYK Decals, 4 CP Vinyl Decals

Full-color decals are also called CMYK stickers or 4-color process decals. Because of this printing process, they are incredibly photo-realistic. Full color decals can be digitally printed, screen printed or UV offset printed. These decals, labels and stickers can be used as promotional pieces, in store windows, as bumper stickers, on hang tags, or as hand-outs at the point of sale.

Photo Finish

Four-color process (full-color) is a bit of a misnomer. Though only 4 colors are used (cyan, magenta, yellow + black) CMYK makes just short of a kazillion colors. When you want a realistic rendering of a photograph on a decal, banner, or static cling, 4-color process is the only way to get it. By blending and overlapping just those four colors, remarkably detailed highlights and shadows can be achieved, adding to the photo-quality realism of an image.

Let Me Draw You a Picture

This process is also the best choice for illustrative artwork with colors ... a lot of colors. Color tones; color graduations; color blends. To reproduce artwork with extensive colors through spot processing would be cost-prohibitive.

The Process of Elimination

Once you've chosen 4-color process, the next step is the production method. Screen printing, solvent ink-based digital printing, and toner-based digital printing are all available. We can help you determine which method is right for your product based on its intended use. For example, both screen printing and solvent-ink digital printing offer the longest life-span at 3-5 years making this process the best choice for outdoor use. Our incredibly high-resolution toner-based digital printing offers the brightest sharpest colors, but is better suited for indoor applications. One last consideration ... our toner-based digital printing is the eco-friendliest method of printing out there (the guy who demonstrated the machine even ate some of the toner ... we're not doing that).

We're often asked, "Which is better? A screen printed decal or flexographic (roll label)?" I know everyone hates the person who answers a question with another question, but ... what are you using it for? If the answer is for an outdoor application, then, as we mentioned earlier, screen printing is your best option. One of the advantages to screen printing is that we use such heavily pigmented inks, inks that can last 2-3 years outdoors. Additionally, more ink gets deposited in the process ... a lot more ... roughly 50 times the ink as a flexographic, to be exact. If you've ever put a decal on your car and watched it go south (faded ink, peeling) within 60 days, it was a flexo.

Please keep in mind that screen printing is a little more expensive than flexo. There are several reasons for this: The first is that the production time for screen printing is much more labor intensive than flexo decals, which are printed on rolls. In addition, those heavily-pigmented inks that are used for screen printing are considerably more expensive. Even the substrate materials cost more, as we use a heavier paper liner (the backing sheet), which keeps all those individual finished decals flat.

Still not sure what works best for your project? Give us a call.