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Custom Digitally Printed 4-Color Process Decals

We are known for some of the best full-color (4-color process CMYK) digital decals in the industry. Why? Because we use the highest quality substrates and printing methods; they have superior longevity, indoors or out. To achieve this durability, we use eco-friendly solvent-based inks that are rich in pigment to withstand the elements. They are so durable, they have a projected outdoor life span of 3-5 years. When you combine these pigment-rich inks with high-resolution printing the result is very sharp, very vibrant photo-quality images on your decals. We also have the most experience and use the latest technology in digital printing. We've invested over a half a million dollars in equipment to make sure our products stay the best.


Digital printing changed the landscape of custom printing in much the same way that digital cameras changed the photography industry. By sending images directly to the printer from digitized files, setup time is reduced in comparison to offset or screen printing. It also allows for a greater option of substrates, very realistic photo-quality images, variable data printing (sequential numbering and barcode), and shorter runs.

Full color is achieved through 4-color process printing. And, although only four colors are used (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) CMYK makes just short of a kazillion colors. When you want a realistic rendering of a photograph on a decal, 4-color process is the only way to get it. By blending and overlapping just those four colors of transparent ink, remarkably detailed shades, hues, highlights and shadows can be attained, adding to the realism of an image. What you end up with is a decal that is a virtual copy of the original photograph.

Custom printed vinyl decal for McDonald's with coffee and cookie shows photo-realistic quality
Full-Color Digital Decal for McDonald's® "so happy together" campaign custom printed on vinyl and custom die cut. One in a series of 7 we printed for their promotion.

Because the pictures are so life-like, full color digital printing works especially well on food, animals, people, and scenery. Printing these images on vinyl decals makes them more than a vehicle for advertising; they become little works of art. That may sound like a stretch, but it's not. The better your decals look, the more likely consumers are to stick them on something they own (in the case of promotional decals) or buy the product shown (when used at the point of purchase).

This 8 1/2" x 11" vinyl decal for the Anaheim Ducks® shows the extraordinary skin tones that we can match with full color printing. The vibrant multi-image orange background and 3-dimensional quality of the black uniform is also a great example of what we can achieve through 4-color process digital printing.

Full color decal of the Anaheim Ducks to illustrate realistic skin tones with custom printed CMYK
Full-Color Digital Decal for the Ducks' Stanley Cup Playoffs 4-color process printed to produce life-like skin tones and vibrant background colors.

The fruit on Fuzinga's™ digital decal is so realistic, it looks more like a photograph than a decal. Likewise, the texture on the bun and slices of deli meat look good enough to eat right off the decal in the cling we digitally printed for 18th Street Deli.

Digitally printed decal for Fruzinga illustrating photo-quality fruit.
This Digital Full-Color Decal for Fruzinga was printed as a suction-cupped rack label.

Double-sided decal showing realistic skin tones achieved with digital printing by Dilco.
Digitally Printed Full-Color Decal for 18th Street Deli illustrating the fine detail and colors Dilco achieves with our unique 4-color process printing


Another big advantage to digital printing is the ability to print variable data, as shown in the decal for Tropitone® below. What that means is that each decal can have different information such as consecutive numbering, bar codes, etc. That kind of customization isn't an option with UV offset or screen printing. If you need decals with sequential numbers on them, digital printing is definitely the way to go.

Variable Data Serial Numbering
Here's a sample of variable data digital printing for Tropitone so the decals could be serial numbered.

Tropitone's fire pit warning labels printed with variable data in the form of serial numbers and bar codes in the upper right-hand corner of each decal


Digital printing also provides an incredibly quick turn-around time. Without having to make screens used in screen printing or plates used in offset printing, turnaround time is quicker than ever. All we need is the digital file of your artwork. Another thing to consider is that digital decals are also less expensive for short runs.


Sometimes you just don't need a long run. In those cases, digital decals are a cost-effective alternative to screen printing or UV offset. Sans the setup fees and die charges, digitally printed decals save both time and money. Because short-run digital decals are plotter-cut, there is no need for a custom die.

On the other hand, if we'll be cutting over 500 decals, it's still better to pony up the money for a custom die. It's faster, it can be reused for reorders, so the cost gets amortized over the long run.


So how do you know when digitally printed decals are a better option than screen printing or UV offset? It's a numbers game. For example, let's say you need 200 each of five different decals. No brainer: Full-color digital printing. On the other hand, if you need 5000 of the same decal, screen or UV offset printing is the better deal.

What if it falls somewhere in the middle? What if the size of the decal is taken into account? If you're not sure, call us. We'll walk you through it.

Or, if you'd just like a little more information on Full-Color Digital Decals, fill out our quote form. We'll be happy to provide you with a free customized quote and all the info you need.